Archangel Raphael:
The Healer

Green Healing Flame

Have you ever walked through a green and leafy wood and felt the healing balm of the greenness all around you? Have you noticed the doctor's flashing light is green? And the cross on a first aid box is often green too?

Have you noticed that statues of Archangel Raphael usually have him wearing green? This is because he serves on God's fifth ray, the green ray of healing.

Very appropriately, his name means 'God has healed' or 'The Medicine of God'! I think it is wonderful how we pick up on these spiritual cues without realizing it.

Raphael serves with his consort Mary, Queen of Angels. Mary took embodiment as the mother of Jesus while Raphael overshadowed her from above in that important mission. How about that? When I first heard that Mother Mary was an angel it blew me away!

If you have been reading these Archangel pages you will realize that these wonderful beings are very practical and love to give practical assistance to humankind. Archangel Raphael is perhaps the most practical of all.

Have you experienced a healing miracle from the angels? Tell your story and read other people's too!

As well as the healing of mind, body, soul and spirit, you can ask him to help you meet physical needs such as food, clothing, shelter and tools of your trade! He will help with both traditional and alternative medicine if you ask. Click here to learn about spiritual healing methods.

Archangel Raphael and Music

Archangel Raphael will also give inspiration for the study and practice of music. Handel's Messiah is a very uplifting piece of music and it's no wonder, because Raphael inspired the composer to write it. If you are a mathematician or scientist, or even having problems studying these subjects at school, you can ask this versatile archangel to overshadow you because two other areas on earth he has charge of are mathematics and science.

On the world scene you can ask Raphael to repair rifts between nations and heal those injured on the battle field. He also inspires new cures for diseases.

Angel of Truth

He will help you, if you ask him, to discern spiritual and human truth. If you know someone is not being honest in a situation you can ask Raphael to expose the truth and expose the lie. God's fifth ray, which is the ray that Raphael works on, is also the ray (vibration) of truth, wholeness and vision.

Raphael and Mary have a retreat on the etheric plane (heaven-world) focused over Fatima, Portugal. You have probably heard of the miracles that have taken place due to the healing waters at Fatima.

Learn more about Raphael and Mary here

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