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'Spiritual guides' is a term I'm using to encompass a few different types of spiritual beings - ascended masters, elohim, elementals and angels. If you're not familiar with any of these words, don't worry. With a few basics under your belt you'll be well on your way to enlightenment. ;-)

This section of the site covers the specifics on each set of spritual guides and I do encourage you to click around and learn about these great and helpful beings.

Here we're going to look at some general pointers about spiritual guides, how you can make contact with them and ways that they can help you.

Why Do We Need Spiritual Guides?

I have a feeling that an appropriate answer to this question probably depends on your personality and how you perceive your life.

I could say that we need spiritual guides because we really don't do a good job of progression on the path by ourselves. (And you could take progression to mean personal development, balancing karma, fulfilling the plan God has for us, etc...) We are all susceptible to human weaknesses and the choice between doing what is 'easy' and what is 'right' is a dilemma we find ourselves in frequently. So, obviously we could use help in getting back on track when we stray.

I could also say that it's actually only pride and arrogance that would cause us to think we're capable of running the show by ourselves.

You only need to look around at the saddening state of affairs in the world to know that we aren't handling it very well. With huge sections of the population shunning God, it isn't really surprising that we're having so much trouble. Obviously there is much work to be done in asking for help from heaven, not just for our own lives but on behalf of all the other people in situations that so desperately need divine assistance, who are, for whatever reason, not asking. Fortunately the tide is turning with more people finding ways to make spirituality a part of their lives.

You're here too, and that's got to be a good sign. ;-)

What Can Spiritual Guides Do?

Well, it might be easier to answer the question 'What can't they do?' They're drawing on the incomprehensible quantity of God-power in the universe, so the options are pretty vast. There's a couple of key factors limiting them, purely there for our own good.

Firstly, they can't interfere with our freewill. God gave us freewill to choose to follow him, and it is a very great gift - it makes us the free-thinking individuals that we are. Otherwise we'd be puppets without any real awareness, not even comparable to what we are today. So if we don't want them to help us, they won't.

The second thing to note is that we can't just take, take, take. At some point we have to give back. Their help is not something we can take for granted - it is an investment of their light (spiritual energy) and although they have more patience than is humanly imaginable, eventually they would be doing a disservice to God if you did not show them that you are worth the investment, that you are prepared to use the light God gives you for good - in giving prayer, devotions and lovingly serving others.

Note: I'm talking about more than just this lifetime here - think across the thousands of years of your soul's existence, because that's what they do.

Those caveats aside, you can ask for help with every aspect of your own life, the lives of others, and even world situations that concern you.

They always answer our requests. It's a cosmic law: 'the call compels the answer'. Of course, it's not always in the way that we expect, because they know far better than us what we actually need (personally I'm really grateful for that fact, especially given the random things I sometimes come up with!!) Don't withhold your request because you think it's too small or too big. God and the spiritual guides will sort out the details, but you do have to ask. They can't do it if you don't (unless you're really fortunate and have someone asking on your behalf!)

Regarding the freewill factor - when you ask for help on behalf of other people, if those people are not ready to accept the heavenly assistance, then the light is stored up for them to be used as soon as they are open to it (in this life or the next). So, don't worry, it's never wasted.

How Do You Request Divine Help?

It can be as simple as choosing the spiritual guide you want to address, talking to them directly and stating your request (out loud is best -uses the Science of the Spoken Word

). Or you can follow set prayers, decrees or mantras, maybe including your own specific prayer too. Songs to these spiritual beings can be a great way to connect with them (no matter what kind of singing voice you have!). You can also contact your spiritual guides through meditation.

There's lots more information for you about these methods in the Giving Devotions section of Spiritual Encyclopedia.

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