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Helen Beaufort

Hello! Here is something about us. I'm Helen Beaufort, principal author of Spiritual Encyclopedia. I'm a British native but I currently live with my American husband and growing young family in Minneapolis, USA.

I've been on a spiritual path since birth, pretty much. My patient mother, quite the spiritual seeker, took me and my sister along on her winding quest until we were old enough to rebel. Of course, it didn't take us long to realize that we actually liked spirituality too!

Now that I'm an adult living my own spiritual life I feel it's a good time to share some of what I've learned (and am ever-learning!) with you. I'm not a 'guru' or spiritual teacher. I'm an adventurous young woman, having fun on a spiritual path and hoping I can inspire you enough to join me on the trek.

I created this Spiritual Encyclopedia so that you can find the answers you're looking for, all in one place. It's a reference I would have liked access to during my mother's seeking years, and the years I spent finding my own footing on the path.

More About Us


Time has gone by and I'm busy with my young family so I sold the site to The Summit Lighthouse and now Patricia as taken over the running of this site for you. She'll be the one you correspond with, should you wish to do so. And she'd love to hear from you so do drop her a line.

Patricia Hope

I'm Patricia Hope, a contributing author on Spiritual Encyclopedia and also Helen's loving mother. I've always been a special fan of angels so I'm in charge of the Archangels series. It's the site's most popular section!  After many years of being a primary school teacher in England, Kuwait and the USA, I now work online from my home in East Sussex, England. 

Claire Battersby

I'm Claire Battersby another contributing author on Spiritual Encyclopedia, and also the little sister of Helen. Not so little any more, I am a qualified and experienced nanny in Lodon. 

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