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spiritual science

What is Spiritual Science?

Spirituality meets science...sort of. Just as there are laws like gravity, cause and effect, inertia, etc., there are also universal cosmic laws that are understood and used in spiritual science.

Everything in spirituality can and should be tested, although results might not be replicable in a lab because we're dealing with the intricacies of daily life here and life doesn't tend to repeat itself in quite the same way. There are forces all around us, shaping our characters and our lives, and although we don't generally see the forces themselves we do see the results - both good and bad.

Click on any of the links below to explore some of the fields within spiritual science.

Spiritual Alchemy

Spiritual Alchemy is the science of turning something into something else - producing something out of "nothing", so to speak. This is similar to the law of attraction, popularized by the movie The Secret, but it focuses more on creating than attracting.

Back in the day, Jesus used the principles of spiritual alchemy to turn water into wine. Nowadays people use it to bring more prosperity and abundance into their lives. However you choose to use it, remember to stay in tune with God's will for your life.

Treasure Mapping

Treasure Maps are a particularly handy and easy-to-use tool from the spiritual alchemy toolbox. Creating a treasure map of your desires and focusing your attention and positive emotion on it daily can bring about amazing results.

My favorite treasure map story is one of my own. When I was a child I dearly wanted a new bike that was white with pink and purple decoration, so I found a picture of one and put it on my treasure map. Soon enough my mother found a coloring competition in the local newspaper and encouraged me to enter, so I did. I still have the newspaper photo of me being presented with my prize - a brand new white bike with pink and purple patterns on it, exactly as I had pictured it. It was my favorite possession for many years until I grew too big to ride it.

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing Methods are really a form of science that's as old as man. Modern science has made great contributions to health, no-one's denying that, but it has somewhat obscured the spiritual, natural element of healing. For some people it seems to be a "new" concept that the body can heal itself. Drugs have their uses but we've all seen what dependency can do and sometimes there are easier ways to heal.

Spiritual Psychology

Spiritual Psychology sees the psyche of a person from the most "whole" perspective there is. Spiritual psychology recognizes the role of spirituality in understanding the whole person and healing a person's psychological make-up. Instead of talking about psychosis and neurosis, it's a matter of realizing the amazing God-potential of every person and then looking at the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical issues of that person to find key areas for healing.

It also helps to understand the journey that the soul has gone through from the beginning, through many lifetimes. Not all issues can be traced to causes in this particular life, but it doesn't mean they can't be healed.

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