Spiritual Psychology to Heal Your Soul

What is Spiritual Psychology?

Spiritual psychology is a branch of spiritual science and psychology which takes into account the 'whole you' - including what is not observed physically - in order to help you pursue emotional healing at the soul level.

Many of us are old souls who have lived through many incarnations in many different bodies before we reached this life. Your soul stays the same from lifetime to lifetime, the only permanent part of you.

spiritual psychology

Whereas traditional psychology looks at how your childhood and other experiences have affected you and molded you, spiritual psychology recognizes that your soul has experienced many childhoods and many experiences that your outer mind is not aware of but that that your soul holds onto.

In taking into account the 'whole you', spiritual psychology also recognizes that there are several parts of yourself (or 'bodies'), and the physical body that we see and use daily is only one of them - it's the one that is lowest in vibration ('dense', you might say), which is why it can be seen and felt at a physical level.

These bodies can be described as four sheaths – etheric, mental, emotional and physical – surrounding the soul and vibrating at different frequencies. Learn more about your Real Self.

Healing Your Psychology for Spiritual Progress

Working on your psychology is an important component of a spiritual path. It's essential to heal the issues within your being so that you can make spiritual progress. Issues such as pride, anger, fear, hate (of yourself or others) and any lack of control over your emotions can create serious stumbling blocks on your path as you can lose an awful lot of light when you engage in negative emotions and give power to negative beliefs.

A very effective tool that you can use to combat negative beliefs and neutralize negative emotions is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). Using the principles of acupressure, it involves tapping a sequence of meridian points on the body and saying phrases to engage and then neutralize the problematic beliefs or emotions.

Another tool that's particularly helpful for healing issues that have roots in past lives (which, to be honest, is most of our issues!) is the violet flame. Through violet flame decrees, mantras and songs, you can erase karmic records that have contributed to psychological problems that affect your life in ways seen and unseen.

If you know you have particular negative momentums such as anger or pride, putting the issue into the violet flame daily can actually change your personality over time, bringing you more into alignment with your Christ Self.

The Original Spiritual Psychologist

Dr. Marilyn C. Barrick (1932-2007) was a pioneer in the field of spiritual psychology and a renowned psychotherapist whom my husband and I were privileged to work with before her passing.

Being also an ordained minister of Church Universal and Triumphant, she was uniquely able to weave a deep understanding of spiritual teachings into her work. She wrote eight excellent self-help books on a variety of subjects within spiritual psychology which continue to help many, and co-authored an additional two (one of which is not yet published).

Dr. Barrick's books teach about love, change, emotions, dreams, past-life memories, energy, parenting and more. She uses lots of case study examples that are easy to relate to, drawn from her lengthy career in psychotherapy.

You can find Dr. Barrick's books at the Summit Lighthouse Bookstore. You can also read some of her insightful articles at the Spiritual Psychology website maintained by her daughters.

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