Discover Your Real Self

The joy of your real self

Ever wondered if there might be more to you than meets the eye? There is. Your Real Self is so much more than just your physical body.

We're going to develop here an understanding of your Four Lower Bodies, your Higher Self, and your Threefold Flame. Let's take a look, one at a time, at these different components that make up the whole of 'you' - your Real Self.

Four Lower Bodies

When we say the word 'body', we generally think of our physical flesh-and-blood body, right?

The thing is, your Real Self actually has four bodies - the physical body that we see and use daily is simply the one that is lowest in vibration ('dense', you might say), which is why it can be seen and felt at a physical level. These bodies are like four interpenetrating sheaths of consciousness– etheric, mental, emotional and physical – surrounding your soul and vibrating at different frequencies.

The four lower bodies are intended to be aligned with each other in order to function as chalices for God’s light. The alignment of your four lower bodies is one of the requirements of the ascension. Why are they called 'lower' bodies? Well, simply because there are some higher ones too (and we'll get to those in a minute). Let's take a look at each of the four lower bodies in turn.

The etheric body (also known as the memory body) is the vehicle for your soul. As the only permanent body, it is carried over from one lifetime to the next, whereas the mental, emotional and physical bodies go through the process of disintegration after death. The etheric body holds the blueprint of the perfect 'you' that God intends for you to outpicture in the world - your unique individuality. The etheric body also contains your subconscious mind and stores all your experiences – all the thoughts, feelings, words and actions that have ever been expressed through your other three bodies.

The mental body is the thinking part of you that you're quite familiar with. It's the part of you that deals with ideas and beliefs. It was designed to contain the mind of God, but today we have a build-up of many false concepts because of the bombardment of the media –movies, television and books- and unfortunately it is often easier for our worldly mind to replace the mind of Christ. Often we lower our standards without realizing it because of society’s influence on us through what we allow into our lives.

The emotional body is our feeling body, sometimes called the desire body or the astral body. Often our feelings, desires and emotions are more turbulent than peaceful. Lunar (moon) influences can also affect this body, especially during the time of the full moon. When we want to make spiritual progress, it's important to learn to master our emotions. Jesus’ simple command, “Peace, be still!” can instantly bring our emotions under control if we are constantly on guard against them and are aware of any mounting agitation.

The physical body is the one that we know all too well. Often our concern centers on our physical body but when we have misused any of the bodies, even in past lifetimes, it can result in the diseases that arise in our physical body today. The physical body is our ticket to working out our karma in situations that arise with other people, and to fulfilling our missions on earth. As such, it's important to keep this body healthy and active for as long as we can.

Higher Self

The Chart of Your Divine Self

Having introduced your four lower bodies, let's touch briefly on the three higher bodies that also contribute to the 'whole you' - your Real Self. These parts are the closest parts to God and to the heavenly realm.

The I AM Presence is at the highest level. It is also known as your God Presence and it is essentially the individualized presence of God for you. The reason we call it the I AM Presence is that "I AM" is the name of God that was given to Moses in the Bible. Whenever you say "I am...", you are actually affirming that "God in me is...". Naturally, it pays to watch what you say!

The Causal Body is the colored rings of light that surround the I AM Presence. This is where your "treasures in heaven" that the Bible speaks of are stored. All of your positive thoughts, words and actions create good karma which is stored in your Causal Body for use in those moments when you need the grace of God. When you pass on from this life, it is the contents of your Causal Body (among other things) that determines which level of heaven you will be allowed to enter and what tutoring your soul can receive from the ascended masters.

The Christ Self is the mediator between the lower and higher parts of yourself - basically between Man and God. The Christ Self is sometimes also known as your Real Self, because your soul merges with your Christ Self when you have passed all your tests, fulfilled your reason for being and enter the ascension. You can think of your Christ Self as your conscience, your friend or advocate in heaven, or your Higher Mental Body. The 'still, small voice within' that prompts you to do what's right is the voice of your Christ Self. The Christ Self overshadows the four lower bodies.

Access the Power of Your Higher Self is a pocket-size book with a lot more information about your higher self and how you can make a connection with your own God Presence and re-vitalise your mind, body and life by drawing on the Light energy. If you find this topic interesting, I recommend checking it out.

Threefold Flame

Your Threefold Flame, part of your real self

The Threefold Flame is another part of your Real Self. It's a tiny spiritual fire that resides in the Secret Chamber of the Heart, a section of your heart chakra. It has three colored plumes representing the three major God-qualities. The blue plume embodies God-Power, the yellow plume is God-Wisdom, and the pink plume is God-Love.

The threefold flame is your personal focus of the sacred fire and your point of contact with God. It is your opportunity to become the Christ because it holds the potential of your Divinity.

Every individual threefold flame is different just as every Causal Body is different. It is the same threefold flame, but its power, its energy, its identity, its size and whether or not it is balanced depends upon your individualization of that flame.

Balancing the three plumes of your threefold flame is key to manifesting wholeness in your being and world, and it's also another requirement of the ascension. Balance comes about through paying equal attention to developing and mastering love, wisdom and right use of power in your life (and across all of your lives, actually).

Would you like to learn about some other parts of your Real Self?

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