Ascension: The Goal of Life

The Ultimate Answer to the Ultimate Question

Ascension in the light

What if you actually knew the answer to those tricky questions like "Why am I here? What am I doing? What is the meaning of life?"

What if I told you that the answer is the ascension?

Many of us are familiar with the knowledge that after the crucifixion, Jesus ascended into heaven. What we are not so familiar with is the fact that Jesus came to show us the way so that we can ascend back to the heart of God too. We can have our victorious return home to God.

We are souls moving through many lifetimes, balancing our karma, fulfilling our missions and finally reaching a spiritual level where we can become literally one with God, as we were in the beginning, aeons ago.

This process of reuniting with God in a permanent way, where the soul no longer needs to return to earth for further lifetimes, is called 'ascending' because the soul loses the dense (negative) vibrations that are tethering her to earth and rises to the heaven world, sometimes called the etheric realm.

Ascension in the Bible

"There appeared a chariot of fire, and horses of fire...and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven" (2 Kings 2:11). In this passage, Elisha (Elijah's student) was seeing Elijah's ascension with his spiritual sight, his third eye. Through this ritual of the ascension, Elijah became an ascended master, and that whirlwind that Elisha saw was made up of the upward spiraling currents of the ascension flame.

The ascended master Saint Germain explains the significance of the account of Jesus' ascension in the Bible, in this excerpt from Prayer and Meditation by Mark & Elizabeth Clare Prophet:

"The law of the coming again and again of the soul is your cosmic justice. It is your opportunity to prove the law to earn that salvation that is the ascension in the light. This is the goal of true religion. It is the binding of the soul to God in freedom. This is the great proof which our Lord Jesus Christ gave in his ascension on Bethany's hill. But it is yours also to claim and it is yours to claim for your nation."

The Path of the Ascension

The ascension is the goal of all life on earth, and although we knew this with joyful anticipation in the beginning (long, long ago - we are old souls!), many of us have forgotten along the way this all-encompassing reason for being. Fiery horses might have been Elijah's trademark but being filled with the pure light of God and becoming completely free, able to join the angels and masters in heaven as equals, is something that we can all look forward to and strive dilligently towards.

We are all worthy of striving for the ascension because we are sons and daughters of God, and it's exactly what our divine parents want us to do, and are teaching us to do. In fact, if you are following a spiritual path of learning and putting your learning into practice, then you are probably already ascending daily. We reach the ascension increment by increment, moment by moment and the ascended masters have assured us time and again that we can make it if we TRY!

So, you want to ascend at the conclusion of this life? Me too! First we have some work to do...

Click here for Part One - Requirements of the Ascension
Click here for Part Two - Requirements of the Ascension

And finally, just for fun, why not type in Google the words "the answer to life the universe and everything" without quotes, and have a look at the top of the search results page?

Sheesh, could've saved myself a whole page of writing... ;-)

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