Requirements of the Ascension
(Part One)

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Your New Favorite Goals

angels at the ascension

There are eight things you have to do before you can ascend and as you might expect, these are no small tasks. After all, if it were easy to ascend, we'd have done it already.

However, they are all doable. There are numberless ascended masters in heaven and souls are becoming newly ascended all the time. (Actually, the ascended masters have told us that the earth would cease to exist if there were not a certain number of souls ascending every year, to hold the balance for the rest us who remain down here).

There's a bunch of specialised vocabulary about to come up here so I'll take each requirement one at a time and explain them as simply as I can. This is Part One, explaining three of the requirements. Part Two explains the remaining five.

  • Balance Your Threefold Flame
  • The threefold flame is your very own spark of God's light that lives in you, around the point of your heart. This spark of sacred fire exists on a spiritual level (not visible to our physical eyes) and it's tiny - 1/16 of an inch! It's called 'threefold' because it is a flame with three colored plumes - pink, yellow and blue.

    The pink plume represents love, compassion and service. The yellow plume is the fire of wisdom, understanding and knowledge of God's laws. The blue plume manifests God-power, faith and goodwill.

    The plumes in your threefold flame can vary in size depending on how much energy you endow them with. Loving service to humanity and nature increases your pink plume. Seeking to understand and acting wisely grows your yellow plume. Keeping faith in God and leading others well expands your blue plume.

    The key to fulfilling this requirement of the ascension is striving to expand equally all three parts of your threefold flame through how you choose your thoughts, words and actions.

  • Align Your Four Lower Bodies
  • The four lower bodies are like four sheaths surrounding the soul and vibrating at different levels. They each house one of these four aspects of you: etheric, mental, emotional and physical.

    The physical is the one we are most familiar and comfortable with because we see our own and everyone else's every day. It's the flesh-and-blood part of us. The other three bodies vibrate above the level of the physical so we can't see them normally.

    The emotional body is closest to the physical and it's sometimes known as our feeling body, or desire body. Learning to take command of our feelings and desires so that we can be in control of our emotional body is important to winning our ascension.

    The mental body was designed to hold the mind of God, but for most of us our worldly mind has taken its place. It's difficult to control the input of our minds with all the stuff going on in the media around us but we can pay attention to what we allow space for in our minds. Practising meditation can help with this.

    The etheric body, also known as the memory body, holds the blueprint for what you are meant to be in the world (the perfect 'you'). It is the vehicle for your soul, so it's the only one of the three bodies that is permanent - it is carried over from one lifetime to the next.

    These four bodies are intended to work in harmony with each other, but for that to happen they have to be aligned. You can imagine them to be like a set of interpenetrating colanders - when the holes are lined up, the light can flow through the energy centers from your Higher Self (God) and you can function as God intended. Most of us don't have the 'holes' lined up, so that's something we have to work on achieve our ascension.

  • Attain a Balance of Mastery on All Seven Rays
  • The light of God manifests as seven different colored rays of light. Each ray focuses particular qualities and aspects of God that we are meant to outpicture. We have to master those qualities in a balanced way in order to make our ascension, however it is common to do especially well with one or two particular rays.

    Here are the seven rays with some of their respective God-qualities. You might recognise the first three from when we talked about the Threefold Flame.

    1. Blue: power, faith, God's will
    2. Yellow: wisdom, understanding, illumination
    3. Pink: love, compassion, beauty
    4. White: purity, joy, discipline
    5. Green: healing, truth, science
    6. Purple & Gold: ministration, service
    7. Violet: mercy, freedom, transmutation

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