Requirements of the Ascension
(Part Two)

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Now for the remaining five requirements of the ascension...

  • Achieve Mastery Over Outer Conditions
  • Having mastery over the world around you means being able to "rise above" pain, suffering, anger and negative emotions, and always maintain your harmony, even when difficult tests cross your path. This mastery is necessary for your ascension.

  • Fulfill Your Divine Plan
  • I AM the Open Door which no man can shut

    Everyone has a divine plan, agreed upon between you and the Masters in heaven before you come into embodiment. You could think of it as your mission in life. Sometimes we have more than one mission to accomplish.

    Meditating on what it is that God sent you to do in this life allows you to make sure you are on track. You have to accomplish everything in your divine plan before you can ascend. There are books, courses and other resources that can help you discover your mission in life. I highly recommend The Path

    by Laurie Beth Jones if you need some help with this.

  • Transmute Your Electronic Belt
  • The electronic belt is called the subconscious and unconscious mind by psychologists. It's like a dense energy kettledrum from the waist down, and it contains the records of all our negative thoughts and feelings. To achieve our ascension, we can transmute this baggage that we've been carrying around from lifetime to lifetime, through our service to the world and through the violet flame.

  • Raise the Sacred Fire From the Base of the Spine to the Crown
  • This is also known in Eastern religions as the raising of the Kundalini. There is energy, sacred fire, that sits around in the base of the spine chakra (if you're not sure what a chakra is, read the page on energy centers first). It is intended to rise up the spinal cord to the crown chakra, nourishing all the chakras as it passes through them.

    Kundalini yoga is not recommended as it forces the light through chakras that may not be purified and ready to receive it, which causes a great many problems. Instead, violet flame decrees and rosary prayers purify the chakras and raise the sacred fire gently and safely.

  • Balance 51 Percent of Your Karma
  • The energy from everything you've ever thought, said or done in all of your lifetimes is returned to you to deal with, in a continuous process. If you're not familiar with the concept of karma, the karma page explains it in detail.

    Before you can ascend, you have to tip the balance of positive and negative karma. You can transmute negative karma through your good works in the service of others, passing your tests when they come to you (by not making the choice that gave you negative karma last time), and again, through violet flame decrees (yes, it's a powerful tool for many things).

    Actually, in past ages souls had to balance 100% of their karma before they could make their ascension. Thanks to the mercy of God, it is now permissible to ascend with 51% balanced, and balance the remaining percentage from the heavenly realm through service to earth.

    So there you have it. Not easy or quick but doable with effort, persistence and faith.

    And so very worth it.

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