Wrapped within my Guardian Angel's Protective Arms

by Dara

When I was 16, I spent a month's vacation at my Aunt's house in Manila.

One night, as I was deeply asleep in the guest bedroom, I was suddenly awakened by a terrifying feeling. I found myself completely surrounded by darkness when I opened my eyes (I have the habit of turning all the lights off whenever I go to bed), and there in the corner on the other end of the room was a floating white shapeless apparition.

It scared the hell out of me upon seeing it and noticing how it was slowly coming nearer by the second so I tried to scream to cry out for help, but my voice seemed to be held within me. I was unable to make a single sound, my tongue felt so stiff I couldn't control it. I literally looked like a fish out of the water with my mouth gaping open trying to call anybody. I tried to get up and run but realized I couldn't move my whole body as well. I felt so helpless I was on the verge of crying.

Then I remembered the Lord's Prayer... I closed my eyes and started reciting the prayer in my mind. I had just started praying when all of a sudden a cold blinding light engulfed me, it felt like a shield of some sort. It covered me all over from head to toe and I felt calm and at peace... there was no word to define it.

My eyes were still shut and I didn't dare look. I was unable to finish my prayer because I was in awe. I felt a strong arm wrap around my waist like someone was behind me and then that someone pulled me away as if in haste. It felt like I was flying backward in full speed.

I then regained control over my body and opened my eyes that instant. I was able to move again and I was breathing heavily. The room was how it was... dark and silent... but without the presence of that floating apparition that terrified me out of my wits. I turned on the lights and went back to bed. By then, the contact of that strong arm around my waist still lingered... I knew I didn't dream it, it was all real and I was fully awake when it happened.

I didn't tell my Aunt about it because I didn't want to frighten her and her husband... but I told my Mom the whole story.

My Mom is the religious one in the family and now I follow in her footsteps. We both believe that the presence of the being who saved me was my Guardian Angel sent by God to protect me and keep me out of harm's way.

What I had experienced that night still puzzled me to this day... but I'm not scared anymore because I know now that God hears our prayers and that He is always there to help us out. We may not see Him but His presence together with His loving Angels surround us all the time.

Dear God, I love you with all my heart. Thank you for everything.❤

To my Guardian Angel... thank you for always taking good care of me.❤

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