His name is Jesus

by Anna Conrad
(Columbus, Ohio)

Anna written in the sky with cross

Anna written in the sky with cross

When I was nine years old, I lived a life very different from normal kids. I only knew my life to be one way. I never had toys, friends, or watched TV.

My house was in mint condition and everything had a place. Silence filled the air at all times unless my mom would play her southern gospel music. We would have one egg for breakfast and sometimes one for dinner. It was normal to have bare cubbords and just a couple items in the fridge. The two items were a gallon of milk and occassionly a few bottles of pepsi, which I wasn't allowed to touch.

I would watch other kids play, laugh, talk and run. I knew that to be normal for them, but not for me.

Since I never had these things since birth I never knew I was missing them. Words were never spoken from my mouth unless I was asked a question. You would never find me sad, crying, laughing or needing. I was just present and quiet in a room. Sometimes I would hear others say I was "Carla's little shadow", again I didn't know what that meant at the time. (She would say it was to keep me safe)

One day things started to get weird. The house wouldn't have as many lights on. Sometimes just the upstairs hall light would be the only one on. I would see my mom on the stairs crying. She would hold her head in her hands and cry for days. I didn't understand what she was doing or why. I would just watch her with no emotion. One late night my mom put me to bed. As I was sitting in my bed listening for my mom to come to bed. A woman came into my room (again I didn't know any better) this woman told me to kneel down next to my bed on the floor. I thought it was weird but Shrugged my shoulders and did it anyway.

As I was kneeling she stood behind me on my left side. A minute later two men arose in my room on my right side. I say arose because I saw them come down from the ceiling and stood next to me. When I try to turn my head to look the woman asked me not to. She told me to stare at my bed. Then I heard a man speak. He said "I am your father and my name is Jesus. Some bad things are going to happen in the next years"

I replied, "Why do bad things happen?" He continued he said "there are things on this Earth that I cannot control but if you kneel as you are and call upon my name I will be there for you"

I just nodded my head in agreement with him and said ok. The two men went away but the woman stayed with me. I have a long story of how she helped me in the next two months with my mom.

The last morning I saw the woman I went downstairs and my mom was at the coffee table wide awake finally talking to me. She said. " I saw my mom standing behind you,"

I told her how the woman showed me how to take care of her. Then I pointed to a picture we had of a man carrying a lamb and had a staff. I explained how this man with those sandals was in my room and he said he was my father. Mom explained he is the man we pray to on Sundays.

Angels and Jesus are in my life, and on occasion remind me. I attached a picture I took a couple weeks ago of my name 'Anna' in the sky. If you look to the left of the capitol A you will see a cross. If you look close above that A you can see the shape of an angel. When I contrast the picture to the right of the angel you see a face. Could it be my grandma and Jesus Again?

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