A Being of Golden Light.

by Sergan Yousuf
(London UK)

Thank you for allowing me to share my experience with you.
In 1998 when I was 28 years old I had the most highly profound experience I could possibly have imagined.

While under a type of hypnotherapy to discover my souls purpose a being of golden light put me through an initiation ceremony.

It gave me a silver chalice and filled it with a red liquid. I drunk from it and poured the remaining liquid over my head.

I then experienced my actual physical body being cleansed beyond anything I have experienced beyond my possible imagination.

It then showed me a small black box and inside was an icosahedron gemstone flashing rainbow colours. Then a small hexagon pyramid-shaped quartz crystal came towards me and made contact with my forehead. It then came to rest on top of my head when a violet and purple ray of light came out of the crystal lifting me up high above planet earth where I saw a beautiful rainbow.

For a whole week after this experience, I had what can only be described as an electromagnetic fluid spiralling out of my forehead.

There are many names given to these types of experiences such as out of body experience, astral projection, kundalini, superconsciousness, spiritually transformative experience, Epiphany and transcendent experience.

For me the actual experience is far more important than the actual political or legal definition of my highly profound life-changing spiritual experience.

Sergan yousuf UK London.

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