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If you'd like to know what the violet flame is, or how to create your own spiritual affirmations, or which angel to ask for help with resolving arguments, great!

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what are they and how to clear them

What is New Age Spirituality?

How does it differ from religion, and how can it help me?

The Seven Archangels

Who are they and how can they help us?

The Violet Flame

What is it and how can it heal body, mind and soul as well as the earth?

Spiritual Warfare

with Archangel Micheal

Ascended Masters and Guides

Let's create a community of people?

Practicing Devotions

Where To Begin?

If you're fairly new to spiritual seeking or just curious because someone you know has embarked on a spiritual path, the New Age Spirituality page is a good way to get started. If you're moving a little further or faster along the path of spiritual progress, take a look at the page on Spiritual Warfare.

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You'll probably notice the "I" sprinkled around the site giving a few opinions and advice from experience - that's what helps to make this the Friendly Guide that it is. Unless it says otherwise on the page, the "I" refers to Helen Beaufort, author of most of the pages here. You can learn more about me on the site's About Us page if you're interested.