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Where To Begin?

If you're fairly new to spiritual seeking or just curious because someone you know has embarked on a spiritual path, the New Age Spirituality page is a good way to get started. If you're moving a little further or faster along the path of spiritual progress, take a look at the page on Spiritual Warfare.

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You'll probably notice the "I" sprinkled around the site giving a few opinions and advice from experience - that's what helps to make this the Friendly Guide to Spirituality that it is. Unless it says otherwise on the page, the "I" refers to Helen Beaufort, author of most of the pages here. You can learn more about me on the site's About Us page if you're interested.

Topics to Explore

Understanding New Age Spirituality
What exactly is new age spirituality? Discover information about this and other spiritual terms you've been wondering about.
Getting to Know Spiritual Guides
Ascended masters, elohim, elementals and angels...there are many spiritual guides in the heaven-world wanting to help us, waiting for our call.
The Seven Archangels
What and who are the seven archangels? Archangels (pronounced ark-angels) are a group of heavenly beings in the Celestial Choir hierarchy.
Ascended Masters
The ascended masters continually give of their teaching and assistance to anyone willing to receive it. But who are they and where did they come from?
Practising Spritual Devotions
Devotions, or spiritual practices, play a big part in many people's spiritual path. Check out some popular as well as lesser-known effective techniques.
Spiritual Warfare: Fighting the Spiritual Battle and Winning!
Explaining the what, how and why of spiritual warfare, and keys to help your soul win.
Practical Spirituality
We've maybe got some idea about the concept of spirituality, but what's practical spirituality? How can you "get practical" when it comes to living a spiritual life?
Spiritual Science in Action
Spirituality meets science...sort of. Spiritual science finds dimensions to traditional fields that involve humans being co-creators with God, as God intended.
A Spoonful of Spiritual Quotes - Weekly Words of Spiritual Encouragement
A series of weekly emails containing spiritual quotes, carefully chosen to inspire, encourage and guide you on your spiritual path. Back issues available on the website.
Your Angel Stories
Have you had an experience with an angel? Are you curious about other people's angel stories? Here's the spot.
Words of Spiritual Encouragement
Spiritual teachers and religious texts offer us many words of spiritual encouragement. Here's a selection of inspiring motivational quotes listed by theme.
Spiritual Poems
Beautiful spiritual poems, chosen to uplift you and provide deeper understanding and inspiration along your spiritual path.
New Age Books
Recommended spiritual and new age books on topics such as practical spirituality, spritual psychology, the lost years of Jesus, as well as advanced spiritual teachings.
Spiritual Book Club With a Twist
Have you been wanting to join a spiritual book club but not yet found the right thing? Here's a fresh way to take your spiritual reading to the next level.
ISSA: The Greatest Story Never Told
In her first published novel, <i>ISSA: The Greatest Story Never Told</i>, Lois Drake has created a work of religious historical fiction worthy to grace any spiritually-minded person's bedside table.
The Spiritual Encyclopedia Blog
The Spiritual Encyclopedia blog keeps you current with the latest additions to plus occasional news from the world of spirituality.
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