Create Your Own Spiritual Affirmations

Spiritual affirmations are simply positive statements that draw on the power of God to manifest whatever it is that you are affirming (stating).

heart chakra spiritual affirmations

It's a very powerful way to shake off negative thought patterns that are keeping you in a state of unhappiness, anger, poverty, etc.

By affirming what you want to have happen in God's name, you are effectively commanding the universe to 'right the wrongs', and giving it the God-power needed to fulfill your request.

God gives us power (spiritual energy) every day so that we can be co-creators with him. Using this power to create positive change in our world is exactly what we are intended to be doing, and giving spiritual affirmations is one way to do it.

The Bad News...

We have been going against God's will by allowing our negative thoughts and speech to create our negative worlds (thoughts have power too!). This is really a misuse of the power he gave us and, by cosmic law, it has to result in the return of negative karma.

The Good News?

We can make a different choice! We can use our freewill to make a decision that does us good instead of harm. Quite simply, we can begin to affirm the opposite.

So...let's start by getting to grips with the basic formula (and it really is basic!)

Creating Spiritual Affirmations: The First Part

Alright, we're kicking off with calling on the name of God.

Er, that's easy, right? God is God.

Well, yes and no. God is God, most definitely, but he also has many, many other names. So you could technically use any of them, to call upon him. The name I feel is most effective to use is the one that he gave to Moses in the Bible: I AM THAT I AM. It's generally written in capitals, which I believe is to distinguish it from a regular sentence (not that we'd have reason to say that sentence much!). This is the full version, but we can also use simply 'I AM'.

Yes, 'I AM' is one of the names of God. So when you say something like 'I am hungry' or 'I am tired' you are actually drawing on the power of God to affirm that state of being hungry or tired. (Oops!)

Fortunately, the opposite is true too. 'I AM healthy', 'I AM joyful' - these are very simple positive affirmations. They're also spiritual affirmations because they are using the name of God. Not too difficult, hey?

Taking it a step further, what if we want to use God's full name 'I AM THAT I AM'? Then we simply say 'In the name I AM THAT I AM' and then follow that with whatever we want to affirm.

Well that's the first part sorted - 'I AM' or 'In the name I AM THAT I AM' (or another name if you prefer).

Creating Spiritual Affirmations: The Second Part

This is the fun part where we can be really creative. Think of what you are needing in your life right now. It could be literally anything! The key is to turn what you want to achieve into a positive 'here and now' statement. Here are some very random examples to get your brain juices going.

In the name I AM THAT I AM...

I am completely at peace
I love my brother/sister/parents
I have everything I need
I am completing this assignment to the best of my ability
I am willing to change
I am an awesome cook
I choose to get up on time every morning
I am grateful

And for the ultimate all-purpose spiritual affirmation?

"I AM Victory!"

Getting the Most out of Spiritual Affirmations

~ Once you've created some good affirmations for yourself, repeat them over and over, as many times as you can, as often as you can. The more you say them, the more power you are giving them, and therefore the more chance they have of manifesting in your world.

~ Say them with confidence and BELIEVE what you're saying!

~ If you can, try to visualise (see in your mind's eye) what it is you are talking about. If you're affirming that you are a great cook, then see yourself cooking fantastic dishes and everyone loving them.

~ Sometimes you'll see instant results. More often though you're shifting compound years of negativity and you just have to keep hacking away at the layers, noticing a little difference each time. You will get there, I promise. As the ascended master El Morya has said:

"The trek upward is worth the inconvenience."

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