Saint Germain: Violet Flame Master

Saint Germain

The name of Saint Germain comes from the Latin Sanctus Germanus which means "holy brother". He is Chohan (Lord) of the Seventh Ray aspect of God, which encompasses the God-qualities of freedom, mercy, justice, forgiveness and alchemy.

Together with his twin flame, Lady Master Portia, he is also the Hierarch of the Aquarian Age which is the 2,000 year dispensation that we are entering around this time. Jesus was the Hierarch of the Piscean Age which we lived in for the last 2,000 years.

A Trail to Follow

Saint Germain is an ascended master, which means that he lived through many embodiments until he passed all of his tests, balanced his karma and was freed from the rounds of rebirth in the ritual of the ascension.

He explains: "I am an ascended being, but it has not ever been thus. Not once or twice but for many incarnations I walked the earth as you now do... By choosing to be free in the magnificent will of God, I won my freedom from that mortal round of incarnations and justifications of an existence outside the One... You are mortal. I am immortal. The only difference between us is that I have chosen to be free, and you have yet to make the choice. We have the same potential, the same resources, the same connection to the One."*

He is particularly known for releasing the knowledge of the violet flame to mankind, in order to help us accelerate our spiritual progress.

Lifetimes of Preparation

Having ascended in 1684, which is relatively recent (compared to say, Jesus, who ascended over 2,000 years ago!) he has had many, many lifetimes. Here are a few noteworthy embodiments that you might find interesting. He was:

  • The prophet Samuel in the Bible, 11th century BC
  • Saint Joseph, father of Jesus and husband of Mary
  • Saint Alban, first martyr of Britain, 3rd century
  • Merlin, alchemist at the court of King Arthur, 5th century
  • Christopher Columbus, explorer, 15th century
  • Francis Bacon, philosopher and literary genius who wrote the plays and sonnets under Shakespeare's name, also Queen Elizabeth I's unacknowledged son, 16th-17th century. This was the last lifetime before his ascension.

Wonderman of Europe

After ascending, Saint Germain actually petitioned the Lords of Karma to be allowed to return in a physical body to help mankind. He spent many years as Le Comte de Saint Germain and became known among the courts of Europe for his astonishing adeptship, including the ability to remove the flaws from diamonds! Below is part one of the Discovery Channel national television documentary made in 1977, In Search of the Man Who Would Not Die: Le Comte de Saint Germain, the Wonderman of Europe.

The rest of the documentary can be watched on YouTube - Part Two and Part Three.

Special Ties

Saint Germain was the sponsoring master of the United States of America and of George Washington, the first president. His physical and etheric retreat is the Cave of Symbols in Table Mountain, Wyoming. You can tie into his energy by listening to his keynote, the Rakoczy March by Franz Liszt. You may also like to seek out the Strauss waltzes, which carry the vibration of the violet flame.

"I am on the path of freedom. Take that path and you will find me there. I am your teacher if you will have me."* - Saint Germain

*Quotations taken from The Masters And Their Retreats

by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

Waltz from Saint Germain to Ascended Masters
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