Getting to Know Maitreya

Lord Maitreya, the Coming Buddha

Who is Maitreya?

The meaning of Maitreya's name is "loving kindness" and Buddhists honor him as "the Compassionate One" as well as the Coming Buddha.

As well as being a buddha, Maitreya is also an ascended master. His official role is the Cosmic Christ and Planetary Buddha. Before this, he held the office of World Teacher. He has mentored souls whom were ready and willing to be instruments of God, including Jesus. Now Jesus holds the office of World Teacher with Kuthumi.

What Does Maitreya Do?

Maitreya monitors potential earth changes, the comings and the goings of the fallen angels and the progress of souls of light on earth.

Maitreya is worshipped in Mongolia, Tibet, Japan, China and throughout Asia. Even though all Buddhists accept Maitreya, different religious sects and cultures see him as a the provider of various roles.

Those roles include...

  • Intercessor and protector
  • The guardian and restorer of dharma (mission)
  • A messenger sent by the Divine Mother to rescue her children
  • A messiah who descends when the world is in distress
  • A guru who personally teaches, initiates and communes with his devotees
  • The Zen Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha

Chinese Buddhism sometimes portray Lord Maitreya as a plump laughing Buddha known as "Hemp-bag Bonze" ("bonze" is a Buddhist monk). He is often presented sitting with a sack and with children climbing all other him. To the Chinese, he represents spiritual contentment and prosperity and the children symbolize the blessings of a large family.

It is told that in this role, Maitreya gathered all that he received into a hemp bag which he kept with him. This attracted the interest of those around him, especially children. So he would sit on the floor and show them his items one by one.

You can Meet Maitreya While You Sleep

Before I go to bed each night I ask Archangel Michael to send his angels to escort my soul to and from the retreats of light while my body sleeps. Sometimes I ask to be taught by a specific ascended master, like Maitreya. For example, last night I asked Maitreya to help me write this page.

Maitreya has his Focus of Illumination in the Himalayan Mountains. Like many ascended masters, Maitreya maintains a retreat in the etheric (Heaven-world). His retreat is located over Tientsin, China, southeast Peking (Beijing). Maitreya also teaches souls who are seeking to graduate from the schoolroom of earth at the Eastern and Western Shamballa and at the Royal Teton Retreat over the Rocky Mountains.

If you would like to feel closer to Maitreya you could play his musical keynote, which is "Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life" (below).

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