Archangels visited me as a child/teenager

by Gemma

As a child I was brought up in a negative environment, my parents were in an unhappy marriage and lots of violence and alcohol were involved.

I remember one night waking up to feel a presence I can only describe as angelic. I don't remember seeing anything, but I knew I was in the presence of a male angel who I felt had just appeared. I just remember feeling really loved and comforted by him and he embraced me and I got the message (he kind of telepathically told me) that he was going to be there to protect me.

From the ages of 12-16 i started seeing and feeling a very negative presence around me. I don't want to go into detail about it but I felt this thing was evil.

I went though a really hard time in my life as well, I left school and had no friends and became really depressed.

The entity was around me when I was alone until one day I sat down and told it to leave in my mind. I had a vision of falling through space and into the sun.

I never saw or felt the presence again.

A few years later my life improved, although events in my life still make my life hard I feel like I'm no longer sad or angry or anything bad. I feel like I have a guardian angel that led me to read spiritual books and re establish my faith in God.

I first learnt about Archangel Michael when I was 18 and as soon as I saw his image I felt drawn to him, I wonder if he had been with me to protect me from the negative entity (or even he was the one who got rid of it)

A few weeks ago I was looking at these Archangel cards I had and was thinking about Michael when a bright purple light flashed infront of me. I've heard that Michael sometimes appears as blue or purple flashes so I really hope that was him.

The next night I went to bed and was thinking about when I saw the light and I was wondering why I had negative entities around when I was younger, then a few minutes later I closed my eyes and I had a vision.

A figure came up to me. He stood before me and I could feel his powerful presence. I could tell he was an angel because of the power that he had. I didn't get to see much of his face but he looked just like a man and he was wearing a long white gown/dress (like the ones you commonly see angels wearing) He reached out and handed me what looked like a piece of paper with a message on it. I could see odd symbols written on it, then a voice said "We must teach forgiveness" and the vision ended with a loud BANG sound in my ears.

It really shocked me, and it kind of scared me because the vision was that powerful. I haven't experienced anything like that before. It definitely was not a dream or just my mind because it was so vivid and I could feel and hear him.

The message about forgiveness makes sense to me, because I have forgive everyone in my past and I understand that forgiving lets go of negativity around you and lets you be free and happy. I think if you want God to forgive you, you must forgive others.

I'm still wondering who the angel was, I don't think it was Michael because it didn't look like him and his hair looked kind of short and possibly brown.
I was thinking perhaps it was Archangel Zadkiel because he's the angel of forgiveness.

I really hope that the angels through God will help me in my future to help others.

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Was it Saint Germain?
by: Patricia

Thank you for sharing your story Gemma.

I'm wondering if the being you saw was the Ascended Master Saint Germain?

His colour is violet and he specializes in forgiveness.

You can read about him here to help you decide if it was him

by: Anonymous

Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience. I believe he was always with you to protect you and that he wanted to let you move forward to God. Very special experience you had <3

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