Witnessing to Angels

by Grady
(Tacoma, WA)

A little pretext before the angel experience.
I have been getting really close to God and loving in the way that he wants us to love,(unconditionally).
So I go out with some of my friends to a place down the road from my house, and we are having a good time. I go outside, and I'm talking to some of my friends, and then they all go inside. As I'm standing there by myself, I look to my left, and there are two men to my left, about my age (22).
I start to talk to them and ask them if they know God and believe in him. They start to tell me the usual response from nonbelievers like I don't really know, I've had a lot of bad things happen to me and so forth.
So I go into saying that none of the bad things from the past matter and that Jesus loves us so much. If we love him and accept him that we will be fulfilled and so on.
So after telling this to them, they take me around the corner and start thanking me for speaking into their lives, and I start crying because the presence of God is so strong now. They got on either side of me and were holding me up. At this point, God had revealed to me that these were angels. I starting to say how much I love over and over, they say to me " Who do you love?" and I said "Jesus."
They both immediately put a hand on my chest and start praying that Gods power be with me and in me, and once they finished and said in Jesus' name, it was as they hooked me up to a defibrillator, and I got this huge rush. I felt so overwhelmed and loved.
I started saying to them I just want to help people, and I feel bad that I'm not as good of a person as I would like to be.
All they could say was " He loves you so much, and you're doing great. Just keep doing good. Don't worry about how many you will save. God calls those who he wants to be saved. Just be loving to all."
I was very overwhelmed, so I decided to walk home. It was so amazing!
They asked me if I was ok and that they loved me. I hugged them both and started walking home.
I still, weeks later, am overwhelmed by this experience. But I have never been this in touch with what God wants me to do.
I hope all of you believe me because It is hard for me to explain the experience perfectly but for those who believe won't have any trouble believing this.
God bless you all and remember to love God with all of your heart, and love others as you want to be loved. May God bless all of your lives with love and compassion!

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An amazing experience
by: Patricia

Thank for sharing your story, Grady.
We are certainly not perfect but as long as we continuously seek to become more like God we are facing the right direction.

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