Warned By The Sound Of Wings Fluttering In My Ear

by Barbara Young

I was home alone on a Friday night.

My stepmother called me and asked me to come to her home. (At the time she sounded drunk with slurred speech). I told her I would come, but, for some reason, I did not get up right away.

She called me a second time; I said that I would come as soon as I finished watching a program on television. While sitting on the sofa I heard the fluttering of wings (I said "butterfly wings") in my right ear - and the words "don't go".

I looked around the room and realized that I had heard a voice from an unseen entity in the room. I sat still and gathered my composure and I realized what had happened.

I had been warned not to go by a divine voice. I stayed home and from that night to now (many years later), my stepmother has yet to tell me what she wanted and why she insisted I come to her home.

My stepmother was angry with me because of my calling her out on her mistreatment of my father and she had tried to fight me before this.

I had used the term butterfly wing fluttered in my ear, but, over the years, I realize this was the Wings of an Angel.

I was kept safe from whatever harm my stepmother was planning to do to me. I have never forgotten how good the Angel of God was to me. I will never forget it.

This truly was grace from Heaven. I am so very thankful.

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