Truth about angels

by Toral Mehta

Hi, I m seeing angels or gods as described in Hindu mythology since I was a child. When I told this to my mother she thought something is wrong with me and I believed it but I always knew I was different than other children - loving and oversensitive.

When I was hurt I felt strong hands around me, kiss on my forehead and some speaking to me gently and motivating me all the time.

Now I m 30 I see a mass of energy in me ready to explode, I'm seeing angels everywhere around me now, comforting if I m weak and hurt, playing with me, making me laugh smile, wiping my tears, guiding me. I clearly see white wings around me, hugging me tight, loving me, kissing me, I feel blessed.
They are giving me genuine guidance about my future. If I make a mistake they correct me and explain to me.

I think there will be more things coming in the future as they have a lot in store for every one of us. They told me they speak to every people but people refuse to listen to them or they are influenced by Satan and they ignore them. Angels said they feel for everyone equally but only if we ask them for help and we listen, they warned me of dark angels.

Angels speak to you directly or through dreams or they even give words to my friends whom I trust. If you believe you can invite them and they are there for you.

I know I'm well protected, guided and loved by angels, they are there with me all the time even when I sleep. I love you my angels and I trust you completely, please do help me always.

Thank you for taking delight to read this. Remember we are equally loved by God and angels are there for us, we just need to ask, as God has given us the freedom to choose or refuse.

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