Three Angels

by Norma
(Pleasant Valley)

I walk two miles twice a day for exercise; in the morning after my grown children leave for work and in the evening after my husband leaves for his evening shift.

The particular day was great weather for an evening walk. About half a mile from my home I noticed a black truck on the other side of the street. A quite street in a college neighborhood. I then realized the truck had come across the street on the same side of me. He then turned around and then followed me very slowly, turn around again facing me as I continued to walk a bit more rapidly, again he turned around and was driving slowly behind me.

I noticed a blanket and rope on the flatbed of his black truck. I started to think about my children and my husband. When my children came home they would probably think that I was at dinner with my prayer group, and had forgotten to tell them. My husband would think when he walked in, that I was out for my morning walk. My heart started to pound I knew I could not out run the truck.

Then I heard a woman's voice. We will walk with you until you get safely home. I then noticed that there was a man and a baby in a stroller. The man was dressed in Jewish Hassidic clothes, the woman was dressed in the same style. They walked behind me. The man in the truck sped away. The couple with baby continued to walk behind me until I entered my home.

I live in a neighborhood, where we would see, our neighbors at the street fair that was held once a year. I never saw the couple and child in stroller ever again. I realized that God had sent His Angels to keep me safe. I stop walking, I was so scared that, I thank God every day for sending His Angels to keep me safe.

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