They show me the way, With Feathers

by Gisela
(South Carolina)

I'm going through a very hurt time of separation with my boyfriend. I do not want this to happen so I was very sad. And every time, I'm so sad I ask the Archangels to guide me. Sometimes I find feathers on my driveway close to my car or in places where there where not birds.

Or when I pray to My Archangels To come in my way, (in my car after I been Crying) I feel very Good, like they lift me up. Then I find some strength from nowhere and peace. They do exist and they show me everyday :) I thank them everyday...

PS. I hope you understand My English is not so Good. :)

(Don't worry Gisela, I edited it a little. :-) Patricia)

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by: Patricia

I am so glad that you're getting comfort during this difficult time.

a lost soul
by: Lynne

Over the years I have lost my faith I got lost in the evil bell of drink.
I was brought up well married with a family but drink nearly took my life a few times.
I have always believed in angels like those that seemed to appear in books and prayers.
I'm now living a normal life. My two boys are happy and at uni but again at this crossroads.
I'm still searching for my life's purpose my direction where or what I should be doing. It's hard to right this and don't ask me how I fell upon this page. All I'm thinking as I write this at three in the morning is that I am going to be given a sign. Somebody will read my story and the reply that I'm going to receive from my angels will be through this page. An answer or guidance will be replayed via this site
love Lynne xxx

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