Spiritual Poems

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The Radiant Sunbeams Triumph

Storms a-raging
People praying
What to do
Who to turn to

What to say
How to say it
Who to trust
Where to take it?

Am I found in the shadow?
I hear a call, oh now begin!
I see a light o’er above me
Shining bright from within

I understand the peace and progress
To go forward midst deceit
I desire with all my heart
To be one in pure estate

To be full and only life
To prove life and love to all
I desire with all my heart
To answer yes to highest call!

I desire to see the oneness
Beaming forth light as a sun
To be one with I AM Presence*
And to know the Victory Won

I am walking in the shadow
Through a dark sea overhead
I see glimpses, shafts of sunlight
I know there is light ahead

Hope is with me, Faith is too
I am marching forth to do
Towards the meeting and achieving
All that I am meant to do

All guilt is lost, all fear is done
I light forth to Victory one
Marching forward over death
To rise to rise into the Sun

Love Conquers All

*NB: "I AM Presence" refers to the individualized presence of God that is with each of us. "I AM" is one of the names of God.

© 2007 Orion Beaufort. Used with permission.

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