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Cry of the Lost Sheep

When I was looking round the loft
for the wholeness that was missed
I knew a soulful feeling
that it may have fallen, lost

Then I saw a glimmer clear
in the shiny window there
and I understood that all
the loss was much of love

I recalled a summer's day
when I sat upon a hill
looking o'er the great valley
of majestic paradise

What! said I,
as I sat atop the crop out
What would I give
for a woman such as this!

Who loves me from afar
and caresses my gentle soul
like the bright light
of the evening star

One who would be a beauty true
inner beauty shining through
the sinews pale and firm
this my heart describes

Oh Goddess how I long to hold thee!
I feel thee in my naked soul!
Where art thou?
Oh wither art thou?

Call me
Find me
Bring me home*

I remembered the bright sun
shining on my adored
and I thought how God does love me
and it tore me that I wanted more

I screamed and cried in agony
My God! My God! Why do I seek thee?
There thou art oh my redeemer
what is that which I keep seeking

Find me
Bring me
To our home

I began to fear the lack
Misunderstood as trust came back
I knew not what I sought
and I sought it with abandon

Scared and frightened, torn and scattered
I pushed on through thick and hell
Knowing that the Star I seeketh
brings me closer, closer still

Then I found what I'd forgotten
From that hilltop long ago
The love, the Goddess, yes the lover
What to do, and how to go?

How can I serve two or three gods?
How will I serve only one?
Myself, My soul, My family, My love,
Oh God Thou who I adore

Sing a song to drown the sorrow
Of ignorance entrenched
Sing a song of Fearlessness Flaming
To bring me home again

Give me back my homeward journey
That which I don't know I lost
Give me all the love I need
Faith and Hope and not mistrust

Oh my God, my great redeemer
Faith, Hope, all I am is you
Call me please, oh sing the joy song

Sing to me! Please hear my call!
Bring me where I once was strong
Shepherd of Souls
my Father-Mother

Find me
Bring me
To our home

*NB: In this poem, the author is using “home” to refer to being on the right path in life for your soul – following the divine blueprint that God has planned for you.

© 2007 Orion Beaufort. Used with permission.

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