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One with God

try to forget all the pretense
and remember the beingness
of Oneness
with the universe

Do you recall
the rain
as it swept across your face
and brought torrents of, not pain,
but an awe
of the All?

I love you
for all that is within you,
for all that is to come
and I remember that to be that love
is Oneness with the All

Never will I wrench or cry
for God to deliver me
for I have found my One, my All
I AM, I was, and 'ere will be

The rhythm of my heart
the pattern of my being
commands "BE!"
and I AM

I AM come
a fire unto thee
to purge and purify
to be One

Triumph over nothing
for what is there to fight?
Unreality has no power
unless you give it light

Free thyself! Free thy mind!
Be God-strength,

I AM One as you are One
One with God
in God
for God

Forever free.

*NB: "I AM" is one of the names of God.

© 2007 Orion Beaufort. Used with permission.

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