Spiritual Poems

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Roses of the Mother

In the fire, cosmic fire
The divine mother glows
Raising up mankind
To truth she beholds

Bringing truth and abundance
Righteousness advanced
And release to all our souls
From suffering at last

In the realm of the buddhas
Heart of life within
Peace, attainment all obtained
In an instant given

There is no cessation
In the great river of love,
Nor the pure pulsation
Of the fiery snow white dove

Flowing forth as divine radiance
Dancing toward her son
Shekinah lover of the glory
Of the three in one

The lover, ah, all one

Divine romance, bliss eternal
Raises all mankind
To the glorious perfection
That each one can find

Devotion of Divine Mother
What beauty sweet and rare
For in that life eternal
Is loving Mother’s care

© 2007 Orion Beaufort. Used with permission.

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