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A Love Song

My Love, My All, My Darling One!
You are as radiant as the sun
You shine through to my soul
So that I might be made whole

I think of you when black and gloom
threaten to take, destroy, consume
The material wealth I have amassed
I know the truth is what shall last

I believe God has shown the way
To my I AM Presence*, above me,
To find the path to lead me home
To bring me to the flaming throne

My love, My All, My Darling One,
I know that now, we are one,
I rise akin to thine own flame
Which is the fire of the I AM name

I know that thou art with me,
The hell, high water, so
I shall move up, I shall move forward
To bring my soul, true love adored

God brings me closer every day
And I stride patiently believing in Grace
I go for God, I go for Love,
I go for all I think of.

I must push on, I must push right,
To move to grow, though it be night
The light burns brightly as the sun
It shineth forth through everyone

He teaches me to pray
He teaches me to sing
I'll pray and sing each day
I will possess no thing

But God shall possess me!
I shall be called his own!
I must go forth to give
I bow to love enthroned

His heart alight with fire so bright
That nought can touch but Sun
I must become that son to touch
The fire that burns within

*NB: "I AM Presence" refers to the individualized presence of God that is with each of us. "I AM" is one of the names of God.

© 2007 Orion Beaufort. Used with permission.

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