Someone named M. Angel Told Me Not to Fall Asleep and it Saved My Life

by James

I am an armed patrol officer for a private security company.

We had received a call that a warehouse on my route had a burglar alarm and an inside motion censor alarm going off.

The three other officers that were on shift were all engaged in other calls so I responded to the call on my own. This is not normally how we respond to a call at such a large property but for two weeks the alarms at this particular property had some problems with them and were going off for no reason.

When I arrived there the window on the main door had been broken and the door had been left open. I figured that the motion censor alarm must have scared who ever had broken in so I continued in to see if there was any other damage.

When I got through the offices and into the main warehouse area I passed in front of the window looking into the supervisor's office.

I remember seeing someone come out from behind a pillar that was about 6 feet away and push me through the window. The back of my head hit the edge of the supervisor's desk and all I heard was whoever pushed me running away.

I don't know how much time had passed by I remember hearing someone calling out if there was inside. I was still in shock about what had happened so bad that I couldn't talk so I started kicking my foot against the wall.

A police officer came through the window and immediately asked if I had feeling in my entire body. I just nodded my head as I still couldn't talk.

He asked me if I was feeling overly tired at all and I nodded again. He told me no matter what I couldn't fall asleep that I had to stay awake. He told me not to be afraid and that as long as I stayed awake everything was going to be ok.

I started to shake because I thought that I was going to die. The officer took my hand and told me that help was almost there. Right after he said that I heard another voice yelling hello. The officer that was with me said he was going to get the others and bring them to me. I quickly looked at his name tag so I could thank him later.

His tag said M. Angel.

Not more than 20 minutes after he left to get the others another officer crawled through the window and yelled he's over here and paramedics and firefighters forced open the door to the supervisors office.

The next day when I could start to talk again I asked my dad to call the police department and send over the officer that found me so I could thank him (I didn't mention his name). That night the second officer that showed up came in. I thanked him for helping me then asked when the first officer who found me was going to arrive. He told me that he was the first officer. I asked him how he knew I needed help and he told me that I had called 911 from my personal phone and told them what happened and that I needed help. I told the officer that I hadn't been able to talk until that afternoon and he said I must have called before I lost my capabilities to talk.

The part I didn't tell him because I didn't want to look like a nut job was that I had left my personal phone in my patrol car and that my coworker who took over my shift had brought it to the hospital when he finished the route.

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by: Patricia

Thanks for sharing this story, James!

I'm glad you got the assistance you needed. I love that angels are so practical.

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