by Gail LaBossiere
(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

An angel of Discernment appears to affirm my gift of the Holy Spirit, discernment

An angel of Discernment appears to affirm my gift of the Holy Spirit, discernment

In 1995, for five years prior to my father's passing, I started having angelic visions.

These appeared whenever I decided to 'forget' about the 'warning' of my father's passing.

The first vision was like a photograph of a hospital room. There was one bed in the room and some machines monitoring my father's heart beats. I was feeling what he was feeling at the time. Dizzy, eyesight was distorted, hearing was blurred, as if listening to a voice deep in a tunnel. The brain wasn't processing the normal speed of everyday life.

I was afraid. I pushed the vision away and carried on with my life.

In the month of October, as I watched a television show, my thoughts went back to the visions I had seen throughout the year.

I wondered what was going on? I didn't want my father to die.

Then, it seemed that the atmosphere in the living room became colder. I looked behind me towards the bedroom. What I saw was absolutely amazing. I saw a different type of angel. It appeared as a revolving small gold tornado. A gold glowing ball of energy floated above the tornado. "IT" spoke to me through telepathy and mental images. Pages of a calendar appeared in my mind. Months passed by. As this was happening, the angel projected to me these words,


The angel disappeared. I was overcome with sadness, not completely understanding what it meant, besides the fact that my father was going to die. I was very close to my father, and little did I know what evil manipulations were going to take place during his passing.

A few nights later, I had thought about the ways I could prevent my father from making mistakes when putting his will together. He didn't want to talk about it. I left it alone.

More visions came. An angel of a different kind and type appeared. It wore a transparent white gown, with big feather type wings, a glowing white ball of energy as it's head and a rainbow halo. It projected many more snapshots of the process of my father's destiny towards passing over.

In the first vision, I saw my father in a wheelchair, sitting in the cafeteria of the hospital with a bag of medicine hanging from a pole and an IV going into his arm.

The second vision was of a choice my father's soul had to make. The angel pointed with a beam of light to the two visions and projected to me these words: "HIS SOUL IS FIGHTING TO STAY ALIVE, BUT HE HAS TWO CHOICES FOR HIS DESTINY."

One one side of the vision was my father, who had a major stroke, and was strapped to a chair in palliative care ward, unable to move, talk, or be aware of what was going on around him. The other vision had my father in a hospital bed, with a heart stoppage. The angel said, "These are the two outcomes, be prepared. Be ready."

Eventually, in November 1995, my father who had been going to dialysis for 7 years due to a large cancerous mass in his back, had his first heart attack. One by one, all the visions, mental images that the angels had given me, came true. They expanded over three years, with the final end at the time, the angel revealed to me.

The truth about how I would react to my father's passing and the challenges I would face afterward have come to pass. The angels warned me for five years to be prepared. Indeed! What they meant, was to be aware of the challenges through the passing of my father, and thereafter, with his will.

I've been very aware of this episode of my life, and continue to struggle with his will, but, not with the intensity but with patience, understanding, and self-discovery of the importance of my role in his passing, which the angels revealed to me.

I will be forever grateful. Amen.

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