Purple / Violet Flame Experience.

by Ross

Violet Flame

Violet Flame

My first known experience of the violet flame was a life-changing event in many different yet connected ways It was a further confirmation & enhancement in the Spiritual development I had been engaged in to that point.

It came at the opportune moment I guess you could say.

I have then & since considered myself extremely fortunate to have been granted such first-hand, "eyes-wide-open" visual & energetic experience of the Violet Flame.

Earlier on that afternoon, I had attended an energy healing session delivered by a friend who has powerful Violet Flame conductivity abilities.

On returning home later that afternoon I felt the urge to lay down quietly for a short while to try and assimilate a certain feeling of balance & peace that seemed to be beckoning my attention. The sun had not quite set & the room was in the half-dark ambiance of twilight.

I had just lain down in reading position with eyes wide open in a somewhat dreamlike yet quite alert contemplative state when all at once I became aware of an energetic presence & accompanying point of purple light straight ahead of my line of sight.

The point of light & associated energy quickly advanced & intensified. The overall feeling was one of peace, atonement & joy that was accentuated to an astonishing intensity as the magical Flame advanced to the extent of literally permeating every facet of being or every cell / level of body, mind & spirit as it filled the room with intense Violet Flame.

I find the physical appearance of the Flame that I saw far beyond my scant reach in vocabulary or literary skills, so I can only do my best.

The Flame itself was of the purest violet colour imaginable & was accompanied by a smaller entity of pure white light. Most of the time the Flame was advancing & retreating & even when it held it`s ground in mid-field for a while was constantly rolling & turning in & out of itself as well as contracting & expanding as it changed shape.

All the while this was happening the small White Light was in concert dividing into two & describing a straight white light line between the two in fluid concertina fashion. The Flame appeared to be fairly symetrical with left & right mirrored yet integrated halves. In this mid-field view the White Light was balanced left to right & to the bottom yet still within main Violet emanation.

At the moments of greatest advancement the Purple Flame filled the entire room & the energy input was so intense that I felt as if I were lifting off the bed with feelings of Peace, Love & Joy.

The duration of this initial event was probably four or five minutes & for a few days following, similar though shorter versions of the same visitation were experienced.

I have only ever before discussed this occurrence with a few spiritually like-minded friends & have never attempted to put it in words - as I probably envisioned the difficulty in trying to explain the inexplicable.

I have always been a person who develops knowledge primarily through self-teaching & practice & so over the years have taken the gift of the Violet Flame energies, using them in practical applications of transmutation of negative energies with constantly evolving refinement.

I would also like to state that religion of any nature had never played any significant role in my personal life, in fact far from it. This was probably due to an innate sensing of it`s politically endowed distortion of spiritual messaging & it`s use of fear-based doctrine.

I feel that the awesomely liberating energies of the Purple Flame are available to anyone ready to receive them & that lucky or needful as I was to have received a visual accompaniment, I feel that these are superfluous to the energies that do the actual work.

You find that the magical Flame energies are always there when you need them.


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