My Saviors Looked Like Small Children

by Victoria
(New Caney, TX, USA)

This story is not easy to believe and I still get chills when I think about it. When I was 25, which is over 20 years ago, I lived in an apartment in Hampton, Virginia. I went to sleep one night as always, but was awakened around 2 a.m. There were 5 or six preschool aged "children" near me at my bedside.

They were close to my face and arms and they were insistent that I get up. "Now", they seemed to be urging, "now, get out of here!" I thought they were real, but I was confused. For some reason I felt sure I must do what they said and it was for me that I must. I threw on my robe, grabbed my keys and ran out the front door. There was a back door to this apartment because it was an old house converted into apartments. I got into my vehicle that was parked in the back of the building. I could see the back door. I was breathing hard and I was dazed by the rush of activity in getting out.

As I gained some calmness I looked over to my apartment to see a huge guy bust into my back door. I was so stunned. It was surreal. I called the owners because they were also friends and they called police. The man had been a former occupant and was suspected of various crimes at the apartment building, but it had never previously been proven.

Even now I feel weirded out to think I could have been in there, alone, when he came in. I can't explain what happened, I only know I will go to my grave thanking those small children, whoever and whatever they were.

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How fortunate!
by: Helen

Wow, those were obviously some kind heavenly beings looking out for you there, Victoria! It's interesting that they appeared as children to you, I've heard people mentioning that elsewhere as well - that certain types of angels (such as cherubs) are small in stature and have the aura of childlike innocence.

That's a powerful story!
by: Joyce


That's a powerful story! Thank you for sharing it with us!


Glad you were safe
by: Patricia

I'm glad you were safe Victoria and that justice was done in that you saw the guy break in.

Listening is key!!
by: Deborah

Wow! That just goes to show that we are being watched over all the time. I had a similar experience but did not pay attention and we were broken into. I was headed to the grocery store and passed a car that did not fit in the neighborhood. I heard a voice say "go home…you are going to get broken into" I thought I was imagining things and I heard it again …more insistent this time.
Still…I kept on thinking I must be nuts. Well…I went home and sure enough …we had been robbed. You know..I know I would not have been prompted to go home if my life would have been in danger. They probably would have not came or I could have called the police when I saw what was happening. I should have listened!! Thank God you listened and you have one amazing story to share!!!!

i know the children u see
by: seeker

Once in texas...when i was young and well i manage to be alot of places for many reasons...unexplainable to me...but i came to understand one matter where you have been or where you will go if you look in the mirror you stay the same! So seeing yourself beautiful means your in a good place...if you dont like what you see...its time to leave. Beauty is within so location isnt the factor. Just the same as your favorite friends from preschool that reminded you to leave that place.something tells me they came from a good place that reflected a bad place you all went through! Pray for strength in for
giveness...your gonna find a beautiful reflection in your mirror soon enough!

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