My savior and protector, Archangel Michael

by Milena Jelic
(Pancevo, Serbia)

I was nine years old when I was back from school. I was passing by the neighbor who was hunter and whose dog I liked to pet.
He offered me to drive me to home and I couldn't say no, because I was raised never say no to the elders, and entered in his van. He drove me far away to his cottage and all the time he spoke how he want to give me something nice and he become strangely excited. I started to fear, but he was our neighbor and I shouldn't. Than we arrived at his cottage. He suddenly started to sweat hard, became red in his face and breathe hard, excited, feverishly searching for the keys to the door.
I began to realize that something is very wrong, and started to be afraid and trembling.

And then it happened. He held the keys in the hands, but he swore why can not he find them. Somehow he didn't seen the keys.
In that moment I felt and saw a big strong hand that touched my left shoulder and a voice whispered to me ''Don't be afraid, everything will be fine''. I turned around, but there was nobody behind me, just a wall along which I stood.
The next moment the terrible neighbor stopped suddenly, his appearance changed. He turned toward me as he was hypnotized, told me to get in the van to take me back home.
He did that, not saying a word on the way. I was saved.
Since that day I've changed.

I started experiencing the world in a different way. Back then I did not know who saved me, but I knew it was a very powerful angel. When I grew up I realized that it must be archangel Michael, protector of my family who we celebrate (I am from Serbia, we have that in our religion).

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by: Patricia

As I was reading this I was getting worried and was so releived that you were saved.

This is a lesson to us all to enable our children to feel able to question and say no to us and otehr adults. We can treat them with respect and explain if what we are asking is needed. (Sometimes we direct children on just our whim and wanting to control)

If you had been brought up differently you may not have got into his vehicle.

Thank you Patricia
by: Anonymous

Thank you Patricia.
That was the one of the dangerous days I had in my life, but the crucial one because it formed me.I now live with awareness of the presence of higher beings and their support that I feel in everything I do, which makes me very happy. I live full and fun life, consult with higher energies on every job that I do and I get unmistakably lead. I feel loved by God and safe at every step throughout my life.I am sincerely grateful to Michael on such a clear disclosure on that day, for saving my life and staying with me until now.

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