My Guardian Angel or known to others as Archangel Michael

by Hayley, age 12
(Somerset, PA, US)

November 5, 1997 2:41 pm: I was being born. My aunt rushed to the hospital. She took a wrong turn and ended up in a part of the hospital under construction. There she saw this very tall, very muscular man and he showed her to the elevator. When she turned around to say thank you, he was gone.

Years later I was around 4 or 5 and I had to have glass removed from my eye. They put me to sleep and I remember dreaming of a white room with no windows and one door. Then a man came in. He was tall and muscular with dark hair and blue eyes. He said "Everything will be alright".

Years later I remembered that experience and I thought who was that man that was there for my birth and when I had surgery and I was scared to death? That night I had a dream and the man was there in that white room and the only thing he said was "Michael". I am a Christian and at the time I had no idea who this Michael was.

My mom called my aunt after I told her and my aunt said Michael was an archangel and the leader of God's army. God doesn't duplicate things. The first thing I thought was why me? Why was I so special?

When I started 7th grade I was terrified. That night I said "Michael I'm scared and I need help!" Seconds after I thought that, I wasn't scared at all. I could feel Michael comforting me because when I started to feel scared it would disappear as suddenly as it came. Thank God he gave me Michael!

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Michael is our hero!
by: Helen

Thanks for sharing your story Hayley, I'm so glad that you are experiencing the help of the angels.

by: Cassie

Thank you for sharing, Hayley! This is awesome, because I live only 2 hours away from you, and I happen to be watched by Raphael. He has always been with me. No wonder Michael always feels so close to us!

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