My guardian angel helped important men in my life.

by Sarah Tungpalan

I have two stories that I would love to share to let others know how real our angels are. As i'm typing this, I feel chills down my spine--And I know that it means my angel is pleased i'm sharing this and beside me.

The first story was the time that my grandfather (mom's side) went into a coma after experiencing a stroke. Doctors felt that he might not make it as he was very old. The time he was in a coma was the time my mother planned a trip back to her hometown and I was supposed to tag along--but for personal reasons I wasn't able to. Fearing that I may never see my grandfather again, I prayed that night to my angel. I was taught in my Catholic Faith that angels can and will send messages to the ones we loved if we asked.

This is what I prayed.

"Dearest guardian angel, I may not be able to fly to see my grandpa, but please visit him on my behalf. Let him know that I love him and that I am praying for him."

A few days after, my grandpa woke from his coma and he started calling out my name. "Sarah, Sarah...." My grandmother at his side was so happy and said "Jose, Sarah is back in Davao, why are you calling her?". My grandfather replied "She's here, she's the girl in white I saw passing by just now, she was smiling at me and waving at me. Is she one of my nurses? ( I am an R.N.)

Tears welled up my eyes when I was told what happened. My grandfather recovered and came to visit us here in the city and I was able to ask him first-hand what he saw.

He told me this (he is not senile by the way...he has a good memory still)...
When I woke up, you were the first person that I saw...You were in white, beautiful, and smiling. When I tried to call you, you just waved back"

I knew from the depths of my heart, that It was my angel who visited my grandpa on my behalf!

The second story is between Me and one of my penpals. - He is a Drill Sergeant of the US Army and we have been communicating for several months.

One time, he informed me that he was going to have a mission in Afghanistan and it may be quite dangerous. The tone of his voice was quite scary as if he was saying that he isn't sure if he would survive. I told him that I would pray for him.

That day, I visited the Cathedral and lit candles on his behalf. I prayed to my angel and asked

"Dearest angel, I send you to Kory with my prayers that he may be safe. Please let him know that I prayed for him and kept my promise."

It had been weeks since I heard from him and I feared he might have died in mission. No words can describe how I felt when he got online and informed of what has happened--- In the middle of his mission- He STEPPED on a LANDMINE but to everyone's surprise-it didn't explode!
His companion miscalculated a step and it exploded! Kory escaped that moment unscathed and he told me the first thing on his mind was that someone must have prayed for him since he was that lucky!!! Only in a thousand years would someone be lucky enough to have stepped on a mine without it exploding.!! He also said that he 'knew' for some reason it was me- though he didn't have a full explanation why!

As I'm typing this, Kory is still in Afghanistan and I will continue to pray for him...I have requested his permission to share this and I hope that this will encourage you, dear readers to ask your guardian angels for help. I assure you, You will get your answers.

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by: Patricia

Thank you SO much for posting this Sarah!

This just goes to show the power of prayer. It can save lives. :-)

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