Mother Mary came to help

by Anthony

My first sales job many years ago was in an indoor furniture store. As I did not have any sales experience before, my sales figure was very poor & I began to get worried as my salary is largely commission based.

One day, while I was taking the public bus home, I stopped at a bus stop as I need to change bus to get home. While waiting for the bus, I realized that there is a Novena church behind me & instead of waiting for the bus to come, I decided to walk to the church to pray.

I felt very miserable that day & poured out to Mother Mary all my problems & wondered how could I go on with my sales job if I continued to have no sales? My boss would replace me if I didn't meet my monthly sales target.

I must have spent an hour or so praying. After the prayers, I felt so much at ease. The next day when I returned to work, many new customers walked into the showroom & I closed so many orders day after day for two weeks. At times I was so busy serving customers and writing out invoices that I had no time to eat or go to the toilet!

I repeated going to Novena church after that, and to my surprise, after the visit, I was again busy closing orders for the next two weeks.

I know Mother Mary helped me out during those days & until today, I still appreciate for what she did for me. It was some kind of miracle that my prayer was answered that way & it's really amazing! Without her intercession at that time, I could have lost my job?

Do not loose hope, pray to Mother Mary as she is like our own mother, ready to help us overcome our problems.

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What sensible advice
by: Patricia

Dear Anthony, I am so glad that you decided to pray when you needed help. We don't have to face our challenges along. all the beings in heaven are waiting for our call.
I call on Mother Mary several times a day.

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