Mother Mary By My Side

by Swati
(Bangalore, India)

The first time I experienced motherhood was in the month of August 2006 when my doctor told me that I was pregnant. My husband and I started acting and talking to our child like the child was already out it in the world. We would use 'she' because we wanted it to be a baby girl. We did not know the sex of the baby. There is a law in India against disclosing the sex of the baby. Anyway we were sure it was a girl.

My due date was May 15, 2007. We were eagerly waiting. I was working during the time. During my third month there was a little complication. But the doctors made me rest for a few days and I was back to work. Every day I used to pray for the well being of the baby.

One night during the 25th week of my pregnancy I started bleeding. Imagine my fright and terror for the well being of my baby. Only Mother Mary was on my mind. I was admitted and to my shock and surprise the doctor said that they might have to deliver the baby. I was terrified.

My husband and I chose not to think anything negative. My doctor was great and I had complete faith and confidence that Mother Mary would take care of us. On February 14th, 2007, 26th week of my pregnancy I started experiencing contractions. The doctor had no choice but to operate. All four grandparents of the baby were present. The baby, a boy, came into the world on February 15th, 2007, 3 months earlier than he was due. My baby was taken to the Neonatal ICU and was there for another 100 days.

Those 100 days were like a test for me. But Mother Mary was by my side. For the first 30 days the doctors were not sure if the baby would make it. Every day they would throw in some scientific drill onto us and say we are not sure and we cannot confirm anything. My hopes never died. I could hear mother Mary telling me to be strong and positive. I would go in to the NICU and hold my tiny baby’s hand and talk to him and encourage him. I would tell him sorry for thinking he was a girl. There would be times when I would be so exhausted sitting in the hospital. My mother would always be there with me. My husband had to continue his job. Slowly my son overcame all the obstacles. But he was still dependant on oxygen supply to survive.

By the 85th day doctors said they might have to inject steroids to make his lungs stronger so he could breathe on his own. Steroids can cause brain damage. I was so scared and on the verge of losing control. I kept screaming out silently for the Mother to help me. My mother and husband were like pillars. Always there with me. The doctors decided to wait for a week longer. And on the 92nd day of being in the hospital, like a miracle, my son could breathe without artificial oxygen supply. They discharged him on the 100th day.

I can never forget the day they put him into my hands permanently. My boy is 3 now and is one of the most intelligent children in his group. Mother Mary was by my side, in my husband, my mother and all the doctors. Only a Mother like her could have given me the inner strength to be by my son and bring him to us.

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by: Helen

I helped a friend through her baby son's stay in the NICU last year so I know something of how you were feeling. Yay for your son's determination to make it and Mother Mary's grace in your lives!

by: Zach

I Was 3 months early as a baby to in 1998 i was born April 28 i was a fighter like ur son i dont know if angles helped me through ive never asked im 14 now and healthy and perfect condition i hope your son turns out like me hes a fighter like me God Bless You and Your Family :)

We Know the Quinn Of Angels Is Virgen Mary
by: Gisela

And yes, she did make my daughter survive as well.
I was bledding a lot when I was pregnat. The Doctors Have told me that if Im going to loose my baby there is nothing they can do.
So I whent to Pray To My Virgen Mary Of Guadalupe This was Saturday...On Monday I had an ultrasound And I did listen my babys heart...I was so Happy She is 13th now.

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