by Elizabeth
(Texas, USA)

I had felt things my entire life and was no stranger to feeling both good and bad things.

I can vividly recall my own mother deep into witchcraft, etc. and living a life that terrified me as a child. I was so terrified that even as a small child I committed myself to being with the greater good and wanted no part of the evil I truly felt surrounded our lives.

I could feel things, I believe God gives us that. It is not to sound crazy or mental but it's that feeling when you know, you just know, what is near you. Perhaps I was given a special perception to feel, I don't know, but either way I thank God for it.

This is only part of my story with this unseen world that exists around all of us.

One week before myself and my family had fully decided to give our lives to Christ there was an encounter. I nor my husband were raised in church but believed with all our heart and raised our son to know Christ as well.

We began to attend church as a family and finally decided to become saved. I have always believed that we could raise our son to be a good person, law-abiding, etc. but our most important job was to lead him to Christ.

Back to the week prior. I was preparing to turn in for the night and placing one of the books I had been reading on our bookshelf in our bedroom.

I can not fully explain the feeling that I got but I knew it was not good. I turned from where I stood and looked into our hallway and I saw a pig-like creature, hoofed and had a very foul smell. He was looking at me, standing to the side of our son's room where he slept.

I began to pray, reciting the Lord's Prayer and calling upon spiritual help. I was terrified, I felt numb but continued to pray with my eyes wide open on this evil.

Whatever it was did not like prayers and began to spew profanity at me, very vile language.

What happened next could only be called a miracle. I saw, with my own eyes, a very bright blue light desending in front of our son's door. Very bright, I almost could not look at this light. I could feel my heart lifting. The evil entity became afraid but continued to spat curse words.

When this light became more clear, I could see a man, he carried two swords and I was not certain how he fit inside our home as he appeared so large. He stood at our son's door and shielded the entrance. A language I had never heard before or since was exchanged between this man and the evil before him and then the evil was gone.

Immediately I felt at ease, at peace and felt so much love. I went to our son's room and saw this being kneeling at our son's side, praying over him and for our family.

He stood up and looked directly at me and all that I could do was fall to my own knees and cry. I could not look into his eyes but felt so much love like never before. We have since been baptized and no evil has since graced my life.

I knew evil, I could feel it but when I actually seen it, God only knows how much that I never want to see it again. I know the angels and God are a part of our lives, of each and every person's lives but so many are not receptive of this fact.

As an adult, we are lead to believe that we are insane if we tell people of our encounters. The only advice I can give to people is to thank your angels but do not, under any circumstances, worship them. Worship the Lord. Give thanks to God. Even the angels want us to do this. God is in control of everything in our lives. Call on Him. Thank your angels.

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The Lord's Prayer
by: Patricia

Thank you for shareing this Elizabeth. I'm glad that you resisted the exapmle that your mother set you.

The Lord's prayer is very powerful. It was after all taught to us by Jesus. He taught it as a template for us to use.
If you notice, the words are not phrased as pleas, in the way that we aften pray, but more like commands or fiats. As sons and daughters of God we have a right to command the angels to help us, but it's good to always ask for our prayers to be adjusted according to God's will.

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