I have questions

by ann
(white plains ny usa)

About six weeks ago, after working, I fell asleep taking a nap. When I went into my bedroom at first I smelled a powerful odor like a heavy musk I dropped of to sleep and I awoke and saw a man standing in my bedroom dressed in like a black suit he had green eyes and all I can say it was evil. He seemed to be looking at something near me and i gasped with fear. One of his eyes looked at me and he disappeared.
That week I was afraid to close my eyes I saw people walk through my walls and felt something soft and furry on my back. I turned around on my bed and swore that I saw a tail running out of the room. I told my husband this and thank God I have him beside me.
After a week of strange things, I woke one night to the most beautiful sight I ever saw. Sitting on my desk was a vision of pure beauty a lady wearing what looked like a pink gossamer dress. She had classical features and long auburn hair. She had something on her lap and her mouth was moving but I could not hear what she was saying. I looked up and saw a halo above her head. Then she sadly disappeared.
I have never prayed so much in my life. I spoke to a pastor and he told me that I have a guardian angel.
I don't drink and I don't take drugs. I am of sound mind.
Thank you for your feedback

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Protection from Archangel Michael
by: Patricia

That must have been very scary for you Ann.

I'm glad that you prayed. It's always helpful.

However, I'm not sure that the beautiful lady was your guardian angel. Evil spirits have the ability to appear pure and beautiful in order to gain our trust. It's not always easy to discern because they are so tricky.

I call to Archangel Michael before I go to sleep each night to protect my room and those of my loved ones (and all the children of the world) as we sleep.

This is my prayer
"Beloved Archangel Michael,
Protect this room and the rooms of (my loved ones) as we sleep. Saturate them with blue and white lightening and send your angels to escort our souls to the retreats of light so we may learn more of God."

I also call for Archangel Micheal's protection during the day after I have surrounded myself with blue and white light.

Here is a useful page for you about good and evil.
and this page has some prayers that I give each morning. You can give them anytime and as much as you like.

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