Guided by a Hand in the Night

by Solly
(Fresno, California, U.S.A.)

I was six years old, and afraid of the dark. Unfortunately, the house in which I lived had only one bathroom, which was across a long and dark hallway. I hated the times when I had to use the bathroom in the night.

One night, the inevitable happened. I finished up my business as quickly as possible and was ready to begin the long and dreaded walk back to the bedroom that our family all lived in.
I heard a noise and I froze.

I was so scared that I could not move. Then suddenly, my mother took my hand. I looked up and saw her long dark flowing hair. I was reassured and together we walked back to the room.

There, fast asleep on the bed, was my mother. I looked around, and no one was there.

I knew it was my angel, who was wise to take on the form of my mother, exuding comfort and peace, to a frightened child in the night.

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What a beautiful story!
by: Helen

Thanks for sharing your story Solly, I love the way you worded it. It's wonderful how angels keep a special eye out for children.

How Comforting
by: Patricia Hope

How wonderful that the angel took on the form of your mother.

Fear of a small child
by: Bobby jo

That was just Beautiful, I have a six year old son, whom he loves the lord with all of his heart, but he too is scared of the dark when it comes to using the bathroom, I tell him all the time, nothing can hurt him for he belongs to God, so I suggested when he has to go to shout out Jesus name if feeling fear, Amen!!

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