Guardian Angels Are All Around Us

by Jeff M
(New Orleans, LA)

Every day we face a lot of dangers in the world. These dangers can be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Without someone looking over our shoulder, our lives would be much more difficult. Because of the guardian angels we are able to enjoy our lives that much more.

I first became aware of my guardian angel when I got very sick. The doctors were not sure whether I was going to live or die, but I always felt a presence around me that was keeping me here. The doctors could not figure out exactly what was causing my illness, but my angel was on my shoulder letting me know it would be alright. My angel was able to help me make it through the days when I was not sure what was going on.

My illness created many uncertainties, but my guardian angel was the one thing I was sure of. I knew that I was protected. That feeling of protection gave me the motivation to make my body heal itself. I did get better. It was a combination of the effort of the doctors, my own will to survive, and the guidance of my guardian angel.

Since my illness, I have been aware of someone watching over my shoulder on many occasions. I know that things will occur around me, but they can do no great harm as long as I am watched over. My belief in that power is what guides me to doing the right things. As long as I do that, I will be protected.

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We just know
by: Helen

That 'knowing' - the feeling of protection that you felt - that's really special, isn't it? We don't have to see with our physical eyes to know that angels are helping us.

by: Patricia

I agree, Jeff, that it was your body that healed itself, with the help of your doctors and angel. So many people believe that doctors have the ability to heal, whereas they can only give advice. It's ourselves, in the form of our body elemental, and God, in the form of angels who do the healing.

Out of darkness came light
by: Julie-Anne

I know angels are around us. My life had been effected by one incident and another for 29 years, bad hurtful situations and people who only were out to hurt and abuse. I eventually gave up on humanity and started to think of becoming a bit of a recluse at the age of 45.

It was when I gave up that I met my husband now, when we met we were only friends, but it was love at first site. Everyday is happy, wonderful and amazing. I could not have ever in my wildest dreams known that I would have such happiness in my life. He is there for me at all costs, he gives me strength, support, love and care and most of all we are like one person, not two different people. I cant breath without him, he is my air, he gives me the very will to be who I am today.

The point of my story is, my husband and I know, we were brought together by angels as my husband had given up on humanity too, he had suffered through others. Our angels brought us together and we know this, we feel it. We say it everyday and we thank them everyday. They knew we could take no more and gave us each other. I feel we are blessed by our angels. Thank you and blessings sent to all xxxxx


I truly believe that they are all around us, I too have had many encounters with angels, they always seem to send a message, and I feel their presence. We are not alone, we are being guided and protected they watch over us.

by: Cindy

I am very blessed to be able to feel God & Angels in my life. So very thankful. Prayers work, Angels are real & so is Jesus. Miracles do happen and the signs are all around us. I also know that people we Love who pass away look over us.
My son was going through a very difficult time 6 months after my Mother passed away. My Mother came to him in a dream and told him that he was on the right path. She also told him things that he knew nothing about and told him to make sure that he shared it with me. He told me he had a dream & it wasn't a normal dream. It was the most real dream he had ever experienced in his life. Through his story, I knew my Mother was truly there & was letting us know she was watching over us and that she was in a good place. My son told me that she was beautiful, young, around 30 years old. You cannot imagine how uplifting this was for us after losing her. It helps me every day as I miss her so much. I know there is a better place after we leave this world.

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