But by the Grace of God Go I

by Thelma
(Vancouver, BC Canada)

I was 15 and decided to take my new 10 speed bike for a ride with my friend. We didn't have a course in mind, so kept riding. We left New Westminster, crossed the bridge into Queensborough, along the Fraser River into Richmond, crossed the Oak Street bridge into Vancouver, rode through the University of British Columbia, down to Spanish Banks Beach, into downtown Vancouver.

Lots of heavy traffic.

There was road construction going on in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery. My front tire caught on a large hole in the ground, sending me flying into traffic, my leg tangled in the chain. A Taxi screeched to a halt in front of me as I froze - staring right into the licence plate, 1 foot from my face!

Suddenly a man came up to me, untangled my leg from the bike chain. He gathered me up in his arms and carried me over to the curb and sat me down on the edge. He then picked up my bike and rested it on the sidewalk. He sat down next to me, pulled a small jar of Tiger Balm out of his pocket and rubbed some on the scrapes on my leg. He then looked me in the eyes and said "GOD BE WITH YOU".

He got up and walked away just as my friend came riding back to me to see what had happened to me. I turned to see the man walking away from me, he had a beard, long hair and was wearing sandals and he looked just like Jesus!

I felt nothing but Peace and Calm throughout the entire incident. We continued on for the return ride home and I arrived at my house just before sundown. I told my Mother what had happened. She smiled knowingly. I know that man was Jesus! I am Blessed!

I do need to get me some Tiger Balm!
I also need to get more Tiger Balm!

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Yes you are belssed
by: Patricia

Wow, Thelma. What a day that was.

How wonderful that you felt so calm too.

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