Archangel Raphael: An Album to Heal Hurting Hearts

by RoPerry
(Houston,TX, US)

I just read on this site that the Archangel Raphael gives inspiration for the study of music and that he inspired Handel’s extraordinary musical composition “Messiah.” I have to tell my story because I know with all of my heart that Raphael gave inspiration for my first album too, and my experience may heal someone else.

First of all, I am totally aware that we must pray to the Lord, and angels are in our path to assist us in our day to day life when we choose to let them. I’ve been writing music since I was a little girl. When I was inspired to compose my first inspirational album, “Life the Be Inspired Project,” I was going through some tough things. I had no money, no funding, only a vision. Even when I thought I would not finish, suddenly people came out of nowhere to bless, support, and help me because my passion and determination inspired them. The project was completed in 2009!

People who purchased the album began to tell me that there was a spiritual presence on the album cover. Now this being my first album, the cover is very simple, nothing to scream about, but I do listen to what others have to say. I told my aunt, who has a strong connection with angels and is a spiritual confidant to me, that others expressed that they felt a spiritual presence on the cover. With no thought, I just asked, “Auntie, please tell me the name of the angel who is with me on this album cover, but don’t tell me right now?” About a month went by and honestly I totally forgot about it.

I called her one day and she said, “Raphael, look it up.” I was not thinking or connecting it to my request, I just thought she was maybe suggesting that name to someone expecting a child. I actually thought that the name was a bit old-fashioned. I began “googling” the name meaning and the words “healing” and “archangel” kept appearing. I immediately felt some indescribable spiritual connection.

Then I became intrigued to read more about this archangel of healing. I was so excited about the name meaning, I called my aunt back the same day. I told her that the name Raphael means, “God has healed” but the best thing of all is Raphael is an archangel! I could sense the excitement in her voice. Then she said with no hesitation, “That’s the angel who is with you on the album cover.” My heart just jumped! I forgot that I asked her to tell me. She said that she was sitting in her living room one day, and heard the name Raphael in her ear. She reached over and picked up my album and the Lord revealed to her he was the angel who was helping me throughout the project. Until then, she did not even know Raphael was an archangel or anything about him. I was in awe because when I designed the cover, I was led to write the phrase “Heal Hurting Hearts” at the bottom of the cover which was all the confirmation I needed to know that Archangel Raphael indeed assisted in the lyrics, music, and engineering of my first album.

I’ve always welcomed angels to help me and surround me, but never knew about Raphael, but I definitely know now. All the songs, lyrics, messages in this album convey what this healing angel is all about, which is inspiration, living life to the fullest, self-healing and improvement, and more. People say, “Ro, that album is so healing.” They have know idea! Live, Love, laugh, and learn. Ms. RoPerry

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Great story!
by: Patricia Hope

What a wonderful story Ro! thanks for sharing it. :-)

by: Linda

Praise the Lord! This story is absolutely beautiful and touching, thanks for sharing... may we all find the light in our lives we need <3

Beautiful story!
by: Anonymous

Can we buy the album somewhere Ro?

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