Archangel Micheal Protection Turned Crime into a Beautiful Exchange:

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael

I was cooking dinner when I noticed a man behind me in my house. I was confused at my visitor at first. "Do I know you?" Then I saw he was armed with a rock and I realized I was in danger.

The experience seemed to be slowed down as I became extremely present. I kept saying: "MICHAEL, MICHAEL, MICHAEL!"

He gave my cell phone back because I asked him to.
I gave him all the money I had. He asked me to sit in the chair and took out his scissors and started to cut my shoelaces.

I asked him what he was doing?
He told me he had to tie me up.


I asked him not to and he didn't. He kept saying "I'm sorry ma'am I'm sorry."
I said, "It's ok."

He said "I'm not going to take your laptop." and he asked me to let him out!

Fiddling with my keys I asked him to just jump over.

He said "Ssshhhhh!"

When he was jumping over I found myself saying "Shhh."

From the other side of the gate, he shook my hand and I shook it back before telling him to get out of here.

I believe without a doubt that Michael had kept me so calm and protected me from being hurt.

He also influenced and protected the robber from doing something that would have hurt him.


A scary experience turned into an honest exchange of two people.


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Wow! This is huge!
by: Patricia

Thank you for sharing this experience.

I hope it will encourage others to call to Archangel Michael in times of need.

He has told us that it's easier for him to come when we call to him daily because it keeps a path open for him to come quickly.

If we can give the following decree for 20 minutes each day he has promised he will protect us.

1. Lord Michael, Lord Michael,
I call unto thee—
Wield thy sword of blue flame
And now cut me free!

Blaze God-power, protection
Now into my world,
Thy banner of Faith
Above me unfurl!

Transcendent blue lightning
Now flash through my soul,
I AM by God’s mercy
Made radiant and whole!

2. Lord Michael, Lord Michael,
I love thee, I do—
With all thy great Faith
My being imbue!

3. Lord Michael, Lord Michael
And legions of blue—
Come seal me, now keep me
Faithful and true!

I AM with thy blue flame
Now full-charged and blest,
I AM now in Michael’s
Blue-flame armor dressed! (3x)

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