Archangel Michael

by Edna Schoenberg
(Staten Island, NY)

One night, while in my sleep, I saw a beautiful man by my bedside who looked over his shoulder as he held me and said.." Don't worry, help is on the way".

I didn't have strength during this moment. I didn't know why he was there or why he said those words, I just couldn't move.

What seemed like a few minutes later, a rush of Firemen were in my apartment and I barely heard one of them saying, "there's gas all over this place", she needs oxygen!!

It seems my gas range was left on however, I had not cooked anything that night and I live alone!!! There was no reason for my range to have been left on.

The paramedics put me on oxygen. I was alright.

My neighbor told me, after the events of that night, that he had smelled the gas and was trying to knock my door down and couldn't.

The Firemen said when they arrived all they did was tap my door and it swung wide open. I always lock my door!!

I believe that the beautiful stranger who held me and told me that help was on its way, must have opened that door when the firemen arrived.

Was it Michael? Or another Archangel who saved my life that night??

I will forever be grateful because they saved my life that night. Prior to the events of that night, I have always prayed to the archangels. I pray that they keep everyone safe. I have never once prayed for myself.

Though I have never seen Archangel Michael, I have now researched the Archangels since that experience and discovered that if I say a prayer to Archangel Michael and ask him to stay with me, he will, for, he can be in more than one place at a time.

One night after that event, I felt destitute and I prayed to Michael to stay with me. I went to bed and I saw colors of blue and purple surrounding a painting on my wall that I had painted. The colors were in the very painting that I had created. Somehow I knew it was Archangel Michael. I smiled that night and now seem to be in peace at night. I

thank you Archangel Michael, and will for the rest of my life.

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