Archangel Michael Watched Over My Daughter When She Travelled from UK to Australia

by Lynda

In August 2012 I was facing a long separation from my 24 yr old daughter who was traveling to Australia to work for 3 months.

Both of us were upset and anxious and we spent as much time in each others company during the remaining weeks.

Each evening we would stroll around our village, talking and linking arms. Each night we passed a handsome blond young man at the same time and the same place.

With his head held slightly lowered, his smile was joyous, kind and full of good humour and reassuring too. He was dressed in trousers. shirt and a long flowing dustcoat (mac).

My daughter finally flew out of the UK but each night I continued my walks alone. But I never saw the man again.

A few days after her arrival my daughter rang me from Australia to tell me that she had seen the young man walking ahead of her in Australia but lost sight of him when she reached her apartment.

I'm certain that Angelic man was Michael and I thank him for looking after my daughter and it gave me great peace of mind.

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