Archangel Michael Saved My Life From Drowning in the Pacific Ocean.

by Lindsey Elocin Hooper
(Wilmington, NC)

I was swimming off the north shore in Haleiwa, Hawaii and as a little girl learning to swim at the age of 3 as well as being of high stamina; I had no idea of what was about to occur.

My friend and I went to wade in the beautiful crystalline waters. As we went further out for a swim amount the waves. This was my first experience on the North Shore of Oahu in swimming. And I was not informed of how dangerous in which the place I decided to dive into myslef.

All of the sudden I see my friend motion for me to come back, I had no idea how far I had drifted. He immediately started swimming towards me in order to helpe get back as I had been caught in a rip tide. Finally weake it to one another after fighting the unwavering current with our relentless bodies.

My friend suggests I gold onto his back when I realize, "No this will only carry the both of us out and result in a more tragic outcome." I then let go of his back telling him to swim back to shore and that I will be fine. Honestly I continued fighting Tue waves when Archangel Michael came to me.

I heard Archangel Michael..."Just ask and I will bring you back to shore." I proceeded and then asked for him to intervene and carry me back to land. Indeed he did, and to this day, I know that if not for this protection; I would have died, being carried out into the Kauai channel and never to be seen again.

Thank you Archangel Michael, for being there and saving my life. My bodyguard, protector and provider of imparted strength.

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The call compells the answer
by: Patricia

This a good reminder that we need to ask for help because angeles cannot override our free will.
Thanks for sharing Lindsey

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