Archangel Michael Protects Me During Confrontation On Street

by Larry Cook
(Los Angeles)

Many years ago I was eating at a restaurant with a friend when a guy, obviously deranged and consumed with foul spirits, approached the window where we were sitting and gestured with foulness towards us. It appeared to me that he was possessed, and it also seemed like he was going to come inside, and so I decided to go outside and stop his entry.

He was very muscular, and he barely said any words, but his "energy" was very foul. I asked him what he wanted. His movements told me he had studied martial arts for quite sometime. Then he decided to throw a kick at me. It was one of those high flying kicks that went right for my face. In less than a split second I felt blue lighting descend around me and I also felt my body be yanked back. His foot whizzed right by my nose, enough to where I could feel the air swishing by. I was just protected by Divine Intercession.

When this event took place I had been praying to Archangel Michael for many years. So I raised my right hand, palm out, and called out a fierce prayer, "ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, BIND AND SHATTER THIS ENERGY NOW!!!" I repeated the mantra. And repeated it. He didn't throw any more kicks, or punches, and ultimately he turned and left.

Thank you Archangel Michael!


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by: Patricia

It's good to feel that protection, Larry, isn't it? And also to know some fiats to give when we need them.
Thanks for sharing.

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