Archangel Chamuel helped me twice in less than a month!!

by Jenny

I love angels and I have always believed in them, especially Miguel, Rafael and Gabriel.

One day I needed some angelical help and while searching the internet I read about Chamuel Archangel. At the timeI had misplaced my library card and I thought I would try to ask Chamuel for help in finding my card, I asked for his help and the same day I found that my library card was left at the library and was kept for me at the information desk so I thought he was really helpful.

I searched again about him on the internet and read some real experiences from people that had recently found a job thanks to his help. I gave it another try and asked for help in finding a job and many coincidences occurred while looking for a job after asking for his help.

I usually search the most popular job websites however one day I decided to Google for jobs in my area because I wanted to find a job close to my house.

I found a job that was not exactly what I wanted however I decided to apply because it was close to my house.

To my surprise I was called for an interview and I was told that the job posting had the wrong name and the real name of the position was different but something that I really wanted to find,
but not just that,
I don't usually check my emails on a regular basis and the person who contacted me decided to do it via email and I found the email just a few minutes later after the person sent it, so I replied immediately to the job posting,

I was asked to come for an interview the following week which I accepted.

When getting ready for the interview I got prepared right for the questions I was asked at the interview as if I knew the questions in advance.

I really liked the job presentation and the person really liked my skills. I was called two days later with a job offer which I accepted.

I really felt the need to share this experience with the angel believers and for those who are not yet sure if angels really exist and help us every day if we ask for their help!

There were so many coincidences that I found while looking for a job and now I am convinced that Archangel Chamuel did it for me, he gave me what I asked for, twice!

Thanks Archangel Chamuel for showing me that you really exist.
With love Jenny! And please do not hesitate to ask him for help : )

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