Angels Are Absolutely Real

by Trish
(New Jersey)

My family has been going through an extremely stressful time for nearly two years. My husband was falsely accused of wrongdoing on his job by individuals who had been harassing him for years. The administration was connected to a high ranking police officer whose services were enlisted to actually have my husband arrested and brought up on trumped-up charges that, if convicted, could lead to a mandatory 5yr sentence! He has received no pay for 2 yrs. It has been devastating. We had tried to fix the matter with lawyers, senators, the governor, etc.

All along I had been praying for resolution and restoration. This past summer,I kept writing and getting the name "Michael" in my head. I honestly did not understand what it meant. The night before the indictment, we were insane with worry because our lawyer was not hopeful. I finally connected "Michael" with "Archangel Michael."

At 3:00AM, I awoke and knew to pray for Archangel Michael to do battle for us. I also asked for a sign that he had heard me. All of a sudden, I began to see (and I was awake) a great battle in mid-air between angelic and demonic beings. I shook my head and rubbed my eyes, but the scene kept coming back to me. It began to frighten me, so I woke up my husband and told him and had him remain with me.

The next day the lawyer called and said that the indictment was off and that the prosecutor's office intended to conduct their own investigation. We were speechless!! We knew that Michael had intervened.

Still, I did not know Michael's ranking in the spiritual realm. My sister told me, "didn't you know that Michael is the most powerful angel-- the head angel who does serious battle-- the BIG guns?" I honestly did not know, but I was led to bring him into this battle.

Since then, I have done research and have called upon the angels daily. I asked for a specific sign-- a white feather. It was a few days later, when I had forgotten, I was teaching, and had to take a toy from a child. I went to put it into my desk, and I was shocked to find a small white feather in my drawer!! I also find coins.
Archangel Raphael - the healing angel - has shown me signs in the newspaper, on license plates, and via print on the side of a truck.

My husband prayed for Michael to repair a computer that he has been trying to fix for a year. He woke up in the night and was suddenly able to fix it.

I was in the basement and the lights went completely off. I said, "Archangel Michael" 3 times and they came on instantly! It is exciting, fun, and awesome to interact with the angels. I want everyone to know the power they possess and how they have changed our lives. They wait to be invited into our lives to help. I can attest to it. Try it!

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How fortunate!
by: Helen

Trish, I'm so glad that you knew to call to Archangel Michael and that you were able to witness the power of the angels in so many instances. May you continue to have such heavenly help.

Thanks for sharing
by: Anonymous

The vision of the spiritual warfare reminds me of a story I heard about WWI. Apparently during a battle, both Germans and Americans witnessed Michael in the sky. The Americans won the battle.

Saint Michael
by: Nathalie

Hi there, you are right! the WWII story took place in my hometown, Mons in Belgium. We celebrate Saint Michael every year in June. ;-)

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