Angels Always Bring Quiet When I Ask

I am an attorney, and one day (in about 2001 or 2002) I was in a mediation session when things became very heated.

Suddenly, one of the lawyers on our side was arguing violently with one of the attorneys from the other side.

It quickly went from bad to worse, people screaming, using obscenities, shoving chairs and the table at each other. I think I had read or had heard somewhere that one could ask your own angels to bring quiet, and so I very quickly asked any and all angels assigned to me to reduce the noise and violence. Within a few seconds, both "yellers" seemed to stop and look around, and the situation de-escalated very fast.

It seemed like it must be a coincidence, but I tried it in similar circumstances over the next few months and it ALWAYS worked!

I then asked angels for peace when I would hear neighbors in my apartment complex shouting and becoming verbally violent. Things quieted down very soon, every single time.

I have probably done this 100 times or so over the last 15 years, and the angels have never ignored my requests for help.

Quite remarkable!

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